Poetry Friday: Isn’t Every Day, Earth Day?

Earth Day 2022

Isn’t Every Day, Earth Day?
We’ve lived on this planet for eons.
	For humans,
	For animals,
	For plants.
For millions, and billions, of species

Before our eyes many are disappearing
	At alarming rates
But, since YOU go on, 
YOU forget the others that have gone.

Our lives are short but collectively
We can stop the Earth’s decline
Pick a passion…
They all deserve our distraction.

YOU can do it and do it for free
It doesn’t cost a penny, just time, you see.
Think of more, more than just YOU.
Think of the Earth and what she’s provided so many,
	Not just a few.

Start with a small change and then make more
	Carry a reusable bag to the store,
Stop using pesticides on your gardens and lawn,
	Instead restore a prairie that has long been gone.

What change for our Earth can you make today?
The time for thinking has passed, 
	Act now, so we can all last.

© Draft, Carol Labuzzetta, 2022
               MS, Natural Resources 
               Environmental Educator

Poetry Friday is today at Reflections on the Teche, the blog of the talented poet, author and teacher, Margaret Simon. Thank you for hosting Margaret! Be sure to check out her page for an update on the Kidlit Progressive Poem 2022 and links to more pages of poetry! 

5 thoughts

  1. Carol, what a brilliant idea rather than spraying your lawn. “Instead restore a prairie that has long been gone.” I wish more people would do this. Nice poem, Environmental Educator. I hope you also read Heidi M.’s poem on Drop Everything and Revolt for Earth Day.


  2. A fabulous call to action poem, Carol. I haven’t owned a car in 4+ years (I walk/bike/bus/train)…hoping my contribution helps in the big picture. Speaking of which, love your photo gallery. 🙂


  3. Wishing won’t make it happen, will it? Your call to action with those pictures of our wonders is so right, Carol. Thanks for the boost!


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