Poetry Friday: Crazy Weather and Water Wars

In the upper mid-west, we’ve gone from late winter to summer in one jump! I don’t know what happened to the spring season. Since we are moving, I only bought a small number of plants from my “personal greenhouse grower.” The plants looked great as usual and I put them in pots last Saturday. Then, we stopped at Menard’s so my husband could get some more building materials for our project at our lake house. We’ll be moving there at the end of June, after the sale of our primary residence closes. The plants came with me to the lake house. But, it was 86 Wednesday and 89 yesterday in Northern Wisconsin which produced some severe thunderstorms. My plants came out of the trailer, went onto the ground, were moved back under the deck, moved back out into the sun, were watered, and then, around 4pm yesterday were moved back under the deck when we had a storm blow in.

My husband was moving things back INTO the trailer to take home and dispose of when the storm hit. Our dog Molly, was outside with him. A loud clap of thunder sent her down the driveway when my husband was temporarily inside the house. She was running towards our neighbor’s house. I happened to see her out our laundry room window. No! I hurriedly swung the screen door open!

“No, Molly, come!” I shouted! She paused and just looked at me.

I shouted to my husband, “Molly’s taking off The thunder scared her!”

He came immediately, “Molly, come,” he shouted! She dutifully came – she loves, loves, loves, my husband. It was scary! The storms came and went. Molly refused her favorite new treat – a pork hide roll. And was acting sheepish once she was inside.

Now, less than two hours later, the sun is out again. The birds are singing. Molly is sleeping. The rain cooled us off by ten degrees. These weather patterns are crazy.

We met with a builder on Tuesday. He said that we don’t just get rain anymore, we get deluged. And, it’s true.

Water is important. There is no doubt. I believe, as do two of my sons, that the next world war will be over water resources. I hope it is not but it seems that we either have too much or too little of this natural resource. All the water we have for the earth is here right now. But, as our climates warm, there is sure to be more of it in liquid form from melting glaciers and ice. What will the earth do with more water? What would we do with less? The western US is fighting wildfires. Water is needed to fight these. Water is needed for healthy crops. We need water every day for all living things. It is a resource we need to guard as if our life depends on it because – it actually does! The next community presentation I’d like to do should be on water conservation.

And, since I got on the topic of water, I thought I would share part of a poem that can be read in its entirety in my newly released poetry book, Life’s Inspiration and Reflection in a Few Words. Click here for the link on Amazon. A huge thank you to those who purchased it in the first week of its publication!

A Water Poem: A Wee Drop…

“Water was here, was it not?

I wonder, I wonder
what have you nourished
in a time before now?
Were you floating along
in the Panama Canal or
the last part of an almost-dry creek bed on a Zimbabwean trail?

Water, water where are you now?

What city did you hover over centuries ago? Before a heavy dark cloud returned you to Earth in one giant blow.

All the water we have known
comes back with a force.
Forming drops, puddles, rivers,
and oceans to fill once again, a brimming source.”

Excerpt from A Water Poem: A Wee Drop

By Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

Today is Poetry Friday. Therefore, I am working on some more new poetry. Earlier this week I wrote a memory poem based on Sand Dollar hunting on a Florida beach. (Thanks for the inspiration, Margaret Simon.) I like how it came together without much trouble, but I’m not ready to share it.

Trillium bud. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022.

I’m also working on a poem about spring ephemerals. There is a trillium in the woods at our cabin that just has a bloom on it. I’ve been watching for days, waiting patiently for it to blossom. This poem is another draft in process.

Oh, and did I mention the frog chorus? LOUD! But, beautiful!

Frogs at the Lake. Spring (May 12th, 2022). © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022.

Our host for this week’s round-up is Rose at Imagine the Possibilities. Thank you for hosting, Rose!

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  1. Lots to think about in this post, Carol. Congratulations on the publication of your book, and thanks for sharing the excerpt of the water poem. Some things about nature seem almost incomprehensible – like the fact that all the water we have has always been here. I wonder a lot about nature, too! Thanks for sharing the frog chorus and wow – I’m glad Molly is OK. Good luck with your move!

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