Garage Sales

Are you a garage sale person?

Do you go to garage sales?

Do you host garage sales?

Do you ride the coat tails of someone else’s sale?

I don’t know whether we are garage sale people or not, but we are hosting one this weekend.

Past Garage Sales

The last time we had a garage sale was in our “old” house over 16 years ago. We lived in the same town at the time as we do now, just on the “other” side of the high school. It went well.

I have also been a garage-sale ride-along person. My dear friend, Cheryl, who now lives in the land of wonderful weather – Naples, Florida was an avid garage sale host. For a number of years, Cheryl held garage sales annually. I was able to take my stuff (I had three little boys) over to her house. We had fun together, drinking coffee and selling stuff. Cheryl was a pro at garage sales. I hope I’ve done her proud with our prep for this one!

We haven’t been going to garage sales of late. As our boys aged and were privileged to have what they both needed and wanted from us, we stopped going. Part of it is that we just didn’t have time to go. Saturday mornings were reserved for early morning soccer practice or travel for league play, tennis matches, work obligations, and musical events. Plus, we own a cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. While the boys were young, we went twice a month, year-round, to visit our lovely timber frame that is soon to become primary residence.

This Sale

Attending garage sales takes time. And, it takes patience. On both accounts – that of the seller and the buyer. It’s taken us all week, working 8-10 hours a day to set up for our sale. We are retired. We have the time. There is something for everyone at our sale. We have four garage bays set up with “stuff” we need to get rid of before we move. There’s furniture, tools, toys, books, home dec, costumes, clothes (not a lot), bikes, photography, dishes and more! The lowest price we have is $1.00 but we have batched some things to be 5/$1.00 or 4/$1.00. Lots of this is craft stuff that I wouldn’t charge a dollar a piece for to a buyer.

My husband also makes hand crafted furniture. We are keeping most pieces and our sons are keeping some others. But, there are a few that we’ve decided to let go. These have gone fast. That is a nice nod towards my husband for his craftsmanship.

We’ve gotten a lot of early interest. Friends have stopped by and picked up a few things. That is to be expected. We are grateful.

But, as my husband has told others, the sale starts at 8 am tomorrow morning. Luckily, he made the dog a day care appointment. She’ll be tired out by the time she gets home at 6 pm. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. We’ve been warned! But, let the sale begin!

All I can tell you is that it’s been good for me to prepare for this sale. If it exited the house for the sale, it’s not coming back in! This is our mantra. Monday and Tuesday of next week are reserved for taking the “unsold” items to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.

Then, it’s on with the packing! Yes, it really feels like we’re moving!

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