Poetry Friday: A New Chapter

A Poem For New Adventures

Fastly, the week went by.

We packed.

We scrubbed.

We saw friends.

We laughed.

I almost cried but held it back.

We closed on the sale of our house this morning.

The last 24 hours were harder than I thought they’d be.

So many memories in this house.

Children grown.

Now empty rooms.

Hobbies flourished,

Now packed away.

Gardens planted.

Lawns cut.

Windows washed.

Driveway sealed.

Flowers blooming,

Just like those who lived here.


A new chapter for mid-life.

Home in the forest

on a quiet lake.

Listening for the loon call

at dusk.

Songbirds chirp with the dawn.

Birch, cedar, and maple trees


in the wind.

Water invites as the sun bounces

back into the air thick

with summer humidity.

I wonder how many stars

we’ll see tonight.

A new place to live

yet comfortable like

an old friend.

Our cabin breathes

with new


© Draft, Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

Today is Poetry Friday. I am sure I’m late to the roundup which is nothing new! But today, I have an excuse! We closed on the sale of our house this morning! We are now at our cabin in the Northwoods where we will live. It will be beautiful to be surrounded by nature, the forest, and the lake, along with all the woodland creatures. Our cabin will have new life! Catherine at Reading to the Core is our host for the roundup this week. Please visit her page for more. Thanks for hosting, Catherine!

12 thoughts

  1. It’s lovely to capture that ‘goodbye’ and then your ‘hello’ to your new home, Carol. It sounds and looks like a marvelous place. I lived on a lake long ago & loved every part of it. Best wishes for finding new things about it every day.

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  2. Packing up a host of memories and preparing to grow many new ones is synonymous with the huge undertaking of moving houses. Carol, your poem gently encapsulates this ritual, this often wrenching ritual. Your words are easy to identify with, I have felt the very same pangs.

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    1. Thank you, Alan. It is a ritual that is sometimes sad. Luckily, we elected to do this and everything went so smoothly, it made it seem like it was meant to be. I am both sad and happy that you could relate to this post.


  3. Congratulations! Change is hard, but when there’s a cabin by the lake at the end of the story (…or is it the beginning???), it seems like a happily ever after!

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  4. Carol, I am sorry that I missed this lovely post. By now you are truly settled in your next chapter life. I look forward to many poems floating on to us. May the woodland adventure bring you true peace. “Be” in the spirit of a second chapter.


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