What’s Up with that? A Half Bottle of Ketchup?

When you move it’s important to be organized and efficient. We were. My husband managed his shop and major indoor projects like fixing the tiny holes left in walls by hanging artwork. He also made sure the yard was in good shape. We had 3.25 acres and lots of gardens, so that was a major task. I managed packing up our rooms and indoor clean-out including the refrigerator. We both addressed our walk-in closet, while I cleaned out our the closets our boys used and the storage room.

In the process, we generated a lot of garbage. Hangers, old knickknacks, rarely used pots and pans, you get the idea. Much of our unwanted or old things got taken by reuse-it-store in our town. Even a huge batch of old hangers. However, the more we packed the more hangers appeared in the “I don’t know what to do with these pile.” I asked a friend if she wanted some. Alas, they weren’t the “right kind of hanger.” Who knew there was a right and wrong to the type of hanger one uses for everyday clothes? I guess I know now. I took what I could to our cabin but one hamper full of hangers seemed to be enough. We transported many of our hanging clothes within the trailer on their hangers too. Some of the left-overs were left for the couple who bought the house. We just didn’t know what to do with all of them. Hangers, it seems, is something no one wants. So beware, if you buy hangers, you might be stuck with them forever!

Once I moved on to the refrigerator a few days before our move, I was faced with many bottles of half-used condiments, salad dressings, and seasonings. Much of it was rinsed down our garbage disposal. I mean, what are you supposed to do with a half-used bottle of ketchup? We weren’t moving around the block but three hours away. We did pack any extra dry food we had, like the six boxes of pasta and five packets of tuna. But, food that needed to be frozen or refrigerated? No. We didn’t move it. We ate what we could. The rest, especially unused condiments, were thrown out.

I was asked if I saved the half-used bottle of ketchup? Huh? What? No, that got pitched. My husband asked if I offered the bottle to the person who wondered if I threw it out. No, my response was, “it wouldn’t be the right kind of ketchup!” This was funny but also grated on me. I don’t know why I share things with people. I mean after I shared about my extra hangers and ditching my half bottle of ketchup, I felt guilty. There is no need to feel like this! Is there?

Luckily, when I told another friend about extra plastic utensils I had saved from hosting graduation parties (and not having one for our 2020 grad), she said I’ll take them because if I don’t use them (she had a 2022 grad and was still planning the party), I know where I can donate them. Perfect, I thought. This was a perfect response. I gladly gave her the utensils.

I pride myself on not creating a lot of waste, but when you move, it seems that creating waste is inevitable. This experience has been instructive. Don’t keep as much stuff (crap). You don’t need it. And, buy smaller bottles of ketchup!

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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