Slice of Life: A Cheeky Perspective on Small Town Errands

Post office – check

Reason 1 – Mail five jewelry sales and one poetry book sale at the local post office.

Reason 2 – Buy packing tape because the tape I had from our move is “lost!”

Look up post office hours on the internet before driving into town.

Note they are closed for two hours over the lunch hour.

Go around the block to find parking.

The entire main street is ripped up and closed off.


Park across from the place that sells rocks – big rocks.

Walk to the post office, avoiding the rubble on the road.

Look both ways before crossing the street, even though there is no traffic!

Notice a path is worn through the grass to the door.

Library – check

Reason – Return the read, borrowed books that are due in two days.

Find more books.

Go into stacks to find more from the same author I just read. Yeah, I do that.

William Kent Krueger, it’s you and your books. You’ve written a lot!

Decide not to speak to the clerk about volunteering at an upcoming book sale, as the woman is not the same person I met a few weeks ago. Thus, she is not the head librarian. I’ll stop back.

Note library hours.


Dollar Store – check

Reason – need dog bones and antihistamine. Iced tea would be nice too.

Try not to run over a lady crossing the parking lot without looking.

Note to self.

This happens here too. People walk and don’t look.

Enter the dollar store and look for the bottled iced tea.

Note to self. They must not sell this.

Look for dog bones.

Stand in the doggie aisle too long looking at all the options.

Decide on dog bones.

Get done bone gift for our “grand-dog” whom we were supposed to see today but are now seeing next week.

Look for antihistamine. Get generic.

Much cheaper but not as cheap as Walmart.

Note to self.

Buy more at Walmart next time we go.

Hike in the woods – rained out.

Comfort dog for 45 minutes while she shakes during the thunder.


What are your errands like where you live? I’ve lived in large cities, small cities, suburbs, and now in a rural area. We are trying to make lists and minimize unnecessary trips to town. So far, so good!

Slice of Life Tuesday is brought to the writing community by I’ve participated in this forum since 2017. A huge thank you to them for creating a welcoming and supportive community of writers.

14 thoughts

  1. It was fun to read this. I live in a small town and like you, want to minimize my errands. Not that any two places are very far apart.

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  2. I a way they are not much different than mine living in Mpls, Mn. (big/little city). Main street to my local shopping area torn up. Walk to library because streets are crazy right now. Grocery store did not have my allergy meds needed to find a drug store. Things are pretty much the same. Just not the drive to town. Loved reading your list!

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  3. I enjoyed reading about your small town chores…lots of lists, lots of planning to consolidate trips…and then, inevitably, you’ll forget something. But the slower pace makes it all worthwhile! 🙂

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  4. Love this and all the reflection as you moved about your errands. I am about 20 minutes away from everything now, which doesn’t seem like a lot but much farther than I was in WI. I live on an unincorporated road and that always takes extra time to get out of the neighborhood as well! Yes to lists and as few trips as possible. I have to get to the library and get my new card too! Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thanks, Tammy! Where did you move? I know you were in Madison before. Our town is also unincorporated and our road is gravel! Lol! The library card IS a necessity, isn’t it?! I hope you are settling into your new place. Good to hear from you!


  5. Enjoyed the glimpse into your errands. My errand today was to pick up my online grocery order. I got used to this kind of shopping during the pandemic. It goes well most of the time…had one wrong item today. Since it is a non-perishable guess I’ll be going in person to exchange it- errand for another day.

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