Why Do I Keep Returning to Bermuda?

Today’s post was written on Medium.com. Here is the link:

Bermuda’s a Beautiful Island but not in the Caribbean! (click the title here to the left)

Thanks for reading!

I’m still trying to figure out all things Medium!

I was approved for the Medium Partner Program which essentially means that I can get some revenue from my stories. I’m still trying to figure out how to post certain things, like the opportunity I can offer to my readers to support my writing if they join Medium.com through my link. This link will be at the bottom of my posts. It seems some Medium.com members have a nice photo/explanation but right now all I can figure out is how to paste the link that will take you to the nice photo/explanation. I might have to ask for help from other Medium members on this since I did what the referral page said to do and I just get the link, nothing more.

It seems that the instructions after you sign up for the Medium Partner Program are available but some digging and trial and error are required to get it set up correctly. After being very persistent I was able to get most of my recent posts put in the program to earn revenue. It will be an interesting month, for sure! I’ll let you know in September how it goes.

For now, I’d appreciate it if you could read my recent medium articles. And, I’ll continue to try and post some interesting pieces for your enjoyment. Thanks so much!

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