What’s on My Writing Desk?

Yesterday, I wrote a post about what’s on my desk. Here is the link for that post:


The day before I wrote about the fungi I saw on a walk on the Timm’s Hill Trail that runs near our cabin. It was a 3-mile total hike. Here is the link for that:


On the 11th, I wrote about how to start an after-school garden club. The theme on Medium this month is to write about something only you know! I’m not sure I’m the only one that knows how to do this, but I know how to do it successfully! Here is the link for that:


Any article you read is helpful to my stats on Medium. Unfortunately, you get paid only for the time Medium members view and read your articles. My monarch monitoring article went viral and has had 3,000 reads and 6.4 thousand views. But, I’ve made only forty cents from it so far. 98% of the views and reads on the monarch article are external, meaning they are from google searches and other means of finding the article. I mean I’m thrilled that many people have read it but I’m not benefiting monetarily from the widespread views. That’s too bad. Many on Medium.com hope the platform will change its monetization rules. There is a new CEO, so anything is possible.

I am paid for members reading my articles and get a share of any memberships that are bought using my referral link. Membership in Medium.com is $5.00 per month. It allows you to read any amount of articles from any author on the platform. I get part of that fee if you use my referral link. Currently, I’m posting the link at the end of my articles.

Today, I checked my Medium Partner Program stats. I joined the program on August 1st. Since August 1st, I’ve earned 99 cents!

I’ve had a ton of views and reads in the last thirty days. This is what my stats page looks like:

A screenshot by the author.

It’ll be interesting to see how this goes. I’m still building a following on Medium. I hope it gets better financially for me. In the meantime, I have resisted putting all my pens on one pad (or eggs in a basket). I am trying different types of writing and attempting to earn money from my writing. I’m looking at it as an experiment right now.

Since I’ve been flipping back and forth between Medium and WordPress since the beginning of the month, my WordPress site, this site, has taken a hit. But that’s okay. When you write, you want people to read what you write. I’ve accomplished that, at least. And I’m grateful.

You can continue to find me here and on Medium.com at this link.

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