Making Myself Vulnerable to Feedback

Today, I posted a short story on my site. I hope you take the time to read it. It is lengthy, about twice as long as my usual posts. However, I want some feedback on this story. The tough part of submitting to publications is that very often don’t give you any kind of feedback for your work. Therefore, I am asking my readers both on and on WordPress and those of you who follow my pages to offer me some feedback on this story.

Please be kind with your words and offer only constructive criticism. I am taking a chance by posting this story for feedback and making myself vulnerable to you. In other words, I hope not to hear, “this was a shitty story, Carol, why did you post it?” I hope to grow as a writer from your feedback. Give me something I can work with. If you really think it’s shitty, tell me why! The “whys” are important.

So often we don’t share the why of things with people.

Some things you could comment on are:

  • Did you like the characters?
  • Was my dialogue believable?
  • Did the dialogue fit the characters?
  • Did the story engage you?
  • Was it too corny?
  • Was the ending what you expected? Why? Or, why not?
  • Was it too long or too short?
  • Did the story flow?
  • What could I focus on in my next story to make it better?
  • Anything else you feel would be constructive.

I’d also like to hear what you enjoyed about the story, too!

Here is the link:

Thank you!

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