Slice of Life: Gearing up for a Wedding, a Vacation, and a Purse!

I didn’t realize how hard it might be to pack for a combined trip this fall after just moving ten short weeks ago! We went to New York to see my parents in July and didn’t have trouble packing but this is different.

We are going to a wedding in Buffalo, and that means taking dress clothes. I had several dresses to choose from but needed new shoes. My husband needed new dress attire since he hadn’t bought any since 2012 and has lost 15 pounds since then. Besides the dress attire, he bought back then (a navy suit and a grey suit) was for a somber occasion. Even if they fit, it would be nice to have something that wasn’t associated with bad memories.

Luckily, we were in an area about an hour from our cabin that has a plethora of stores. We made the rounds and he ended up with a new tie and shirt from Kohls and a new sport coat from Men’s Warehouse. Shopping at Kohls’s lately has been a stretch. Since they changed their branding from a department store to a lifestyle store, the pickings are slim! Besides, my hubby needs a long sport coast since he’s tall. There were only a couple to be found in very large sizes. I came up empty there for shoes as well, despite there being a ton of shoe options available online at

After we had him set, we went to Rogan’s, a shoe store here in the midwest. I was probably trying shoes on for an hour. Knowing my dress options I wanted something updated to match and eventually found a pair of cream-colored pointy-toed pumps with a low heel.

Along with our wedding attire, we bought steel roofing for a shed my husband is building and treats for our dog who will stay with my sister-in-law after the wedding.

After a few days in Buffalo, we are going to Acadia National Park for a week of hiking and eating seafood from coastal Maine. This part of the trip entails packing entirely different sets of clothing. Last fall we spent ten days hiking the great Southwest of our United States, so we have experience getting ready for a trip like that.

It’s just finding things…Last night I finally found our water backpacks, still packed in a moving box. Layers of clothing, as well as being prepared for all types of weather are necessary as well. And, we can’t forget the bug spray or sunscreen.

I’m typically a very organized person but getting ready for this trip has stretched me a little bit. You probably noticed that my title included the word purse. I’m out of luck on that search. I think all my purses are in storage. I’ll have to do with what I have or perhaps go without or maybe borrow one from my sister or sister-in-law or buy one. I don’t think my friend will even notice what purse I’m carrying.

Still, even with the commotion of packing mixed with wrapping up projects at the cabin, I’m looking forward to seeing friends and family again. My husband and I can’t recall ever having been to Maine so we are looking forward to that as well. Life is Good!

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  1. Hi, have a great wedding in Buffalo. Since both of you like to hike, you’ll love Acadia National Park! Most of the mountains are on what they call the island. Yo can ask someone about it. We were staying on the island away from all the people in Acadia. Make sure you try some homemade blueberry ice cream at one of the places in Acadia! In fact, there are many foods with blueberries. My husband rode his bike up the steep hill in Acadia. The waves crashing into the rocks are breath taking! The little pond’s water temperature is 50 something even in summer in Acadia Park. Our children went swimming, I didn’t, but my husband went in the kids and froze. Also, if the timing of the tide is right you can walk across to take pics of the lighthouse, otherwise you have to go on a boat to take a photo of it. You’ll have a great time! Have fun! Gail

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    1. Gail, Thank you so much for your advice and experience with Acadia! We are very excited for blueberries, lobster, incredible views, lighthouses, and hiking! I am sure we’ll enjoy our time there! Your comments got me wry excited about the trip that lays before us! Thanks!


  2. I loved your story…I suppose because I can relate to packing for multiple trips all at once. As for a purse, hubby’s sports jacket has pockets…claim one for your own! 😉 When in Bar Harbor will you eat out or in? If you are a lobster lover and are cooking in and want a great price, go to Parsons Seafood. You can also buy the lobsters steamed at Hannafords Grocery store. Both are super reasonable! I love Acadia! Enjoy your trip with family, friends, nature and all the seafood you can eat! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much! The sport coat idea is great! And yes, we love lobster. We aren’t staying at a play we can cook but look
      forward to eating it several times! Thanks for the tip in the grocery store though! We do like to go in local grocers when in vacation! I appreciate all your kind comments!

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