The Weekly Catch #1: What’s New With My Medium Blog?

An early October walk reveals color-changing foliage. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022.

Once a week I’ll try to catch up with my WordPress blog followers on the posts I’ve made on my page. I’ve still not decided about the platform and if it is worth my time, I am gaining a larger readership but the bucks aren’t rolling in. I did earn slightly more in September than I did in August through the Medium Partner Program, so there’s something. I know all good things take time, and while I’m still enjoying medium and the increased readership, I’ll keep at it.

I believe my last post on The Apples in My Orchard this week was my Silent Sunday post on Fall in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Since then, I’ve posted five other blogs on my page.

Here are the links:

October 1st: The Strangers One Meets on Vacation

October 2nd: Why Does Such a Sensationalized Style Exist in Writing Today?

October 3rd: When Art And Business Collide: A Strategy for Profit

October 4th: Yellow, Orange, Red: The Leaf Colors are Extraordinary This Year

October 5th: Ten Things You Get by Living in the Woods

And I also had a piece published by another Medium publication called Weeds and Wildflowers. It was written specifically for them and they published it today.

October 5th on Weeds and Wildflowers by Carol Labuzzetta: The Story of Monarchs and Milkweed Ten Years Ago.

During the first week of any month on there are many posts about earnings. Some writers have done better than expected, some are on target to reach their year-end goals and some are struggling. There have also been a lot of articles written about quitting the platform. Over the last few days, I’ve seen both types of articles. For some reason, these articles garner a lot of views and reads, thus the writer profits from writing such a piece.

As anyone knows, the world of writing and publication, digitally or otherwise, is fickle. Trends arrive and leave. Topics are hot and then they are not. Rants are written and then apologized for. All I know is that I intend to write on Medium like I’ve written on WordPress. I intend to write thoughtfully with dignity and curiosity about the world around us. Have I written a rant? Oh, yes. Did it feel good? Yes, at the time it did. But afterward, there was a feeling of being let down. Do I write on hot topics? Well, only if you consider nature, books, plants, pets, and travel to be hot. I write what I know, what I love, and what I am curious about, no more – no less.

My WordPress followers have stuck with me for over five years of my daily posts. I don’t want to leave them in the dust but pursuing something impossible, I mean improbable, on Medium. So, each week, I’ll post links to my work there, under the same title I used today with consecutive numbers, so if my WordPress readers are interested in what I’ve written on a day they didn’t see a post from me, they can access it. It’s the least I can do. Thank you for your support. Please let me know if you are blocked from opening the links. I’ll work hard to try and get you access.

Colors today on our walk. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

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