The Weekly Catch #2: What’s New With My Medium Blog?

With October in its final days, I looked at my stats on WordPress and realized that I have not been posting often here. I have, however, been posting to my Medium page every day. It’s been a fairly good month there as far as views, reads, and comments go. As I did a couple of weeks ago, on October 7th, I am going to provide links to my medium page posts here so you have a more direct opportunity to go and read what I’ve written.

Today, I wrote about the Erie Canal. (10/27).

Yesterday, I wrote about Geocaching (10/26).

On the 24th, I wrote about my Christmas Cactus and why it’s blooming now.

On Sunday, I decided to write the context for my Silent Sunday post on WordPress. It was about some of my favorite places. You can read that here:

On Saturday, the 22nd, I wrote a post asking if we need state-of-the-art sports facilities at the high school level? I expect many people will not agree with me on that post.

This will bring you fairly up-to-date with my blog postings. I hope you take the time to check some of these posts out. I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo in November, so I don’t know exactly how much time I’ll have to blog. But, maybe, I’ll use my WordPress readership to keep me accountable by updating you on my daily progress. Look for more details on this soon.

As, always, whether you support my writing here or on, or both, I appreciate your support! Thank you!

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