Poetry Friday: A Beautiful Snow Inspires

Today is Poetry Friday. If you want to know more about what that entails, check here. Karen Edmisten is our host for the roundup this week. You can go to her same-named blog to read more great poetry from participants that are sharing their links.

Overnight we got twelve inches of snow. When we woke up this morning, it looked like a marshmallow world! That song, “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter,” is one of my favorite holiday songs. Here’s a YouTube rendition if you aren’t familiar with it.

Official Lyric Video for ”A Marshmallow World” by Dean Martin
View upon waking this morning. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022.

It took about three hours for my husband to dig us out and that included a visit from our neighbor with his huge John Deer plow. After lunch, we took a walk in the wonderland and it amazed me to see how the different species of trees handled the snow. It was wet, heavy snow that clung tightly to the branches and needles. Many limbs were bowing under the weight of the precipitation.

I was inspired by the beauty of the snow and how the trees were all handling it.

How a Birch Wears Snow

I’m tall and slender
With white bark that 

My leaves have fallen,
Leaving me barren and 

In the winter, I am swayed 
Easily by the wind and

When the snow comes fast 
And is wet and heavy, I 

Dipping my highest branches
Low to the ground, laden by 

It appears as if I’m bowing. 
But I’m not. My stiff limbs

The snow piles up on me 
Making my limbs and twigs

I hope I don’t succumb
To the extra wet weight and 

Spring will come if I survive
The winter storms and 

I’ll make catkins to 
Spread my seed, blown by the 

Just like the snow has 
Covered me 

I’ll cover the ground with
My precious seeds and 

New birch for new seasons
Of growth after snow has bent

© Draft, Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

I imagine more poems about how the different species of trees handle the weight of the snow. My photos are inspiring me to pay homage to the trees in this way.

Trees bend with the weight of the snow. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2022

Enjoy this Friday. Stay Healthy and Safe.

Happy Holidays to All!

~ Carol ~

16 thoughts

  1. I am mildly jealous of your 12 inches. Mildly. Not jealous of the digging out. We got a skiff last night. That’s enough for now. I do love the poem and the accompanying video of “tree-branch-rescue.”

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    1. LOL. Mildly jealous! I like that. Yeah, I cannot complain about the digging out as my husband does it. He spent quite awhile each day for the last several days digging things out. But, the dog keeps him company outside. Glad you liked the post! Happy Holidays!


  2. Beautiful pictures! We have not had any snow here yet. Maybe this coming Friday will be the day! I love how you wrote your poem in the voice of the birch tree. Keep warm. Happy holidays!

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    1. Thanks, Tim! So good to hear from you! Trees are amazing! I love them! Hey, I got a message I couldn’t read your blog anymore unless I have a password. Can you share that with me? If so, you can use the contact page to message it or send an email to me (I think you have it). Happy Holidays to you!

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  3. What a beautiful snowfall! I love your images, both photographic and poetic. I have always been fascinated by how the birch bows under the weight of the snow, and by how that echoes into the warmth of summer when you see the enduring curve–lasting evidence of past winter storms. Lovely post!

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  4. Thanks for sharing all this! We haven’t had a flake yet and I am craving it a little bit–but glad for clear paths for moving. I love the way you structured your poem with the final word of each stanza sitting all by itself, and the voice of the birch. Enjoy–I think a foot is the best amount of snow!

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  5. What gorgeous photos. Thanks for these, and for your homage to the trees as they bear so much weight. We haven’t had one of those huge snows yet, but winter has just begun, right? 🙂

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