Taking a short break: Here are some articles you might have missed.

I’m having a period of disillusionment with my writing. I think this is probably normal but to help myself put things in perspective, I’m taking a short break from posting. In the meantime, here are links to articles on my medium.com page, Carol Labuzzetta, that you might have missed.

A phenomenon involving a beloved species of waterfowl.

National parks are one of my favorite writing topics. Here is my latest post.

I hope you enjoy the articles. I am ruminating about how I tend to pick activities that are difficult to achieve success without the approval of others. I’ve been a jewelry artist since 2007. I’ve sold in galleries, retail shops, craft fairs, and on Etsy. Jewelry is and has been a highly competitive area of craft. But, with constant work, my shop has thrived and I continue to enjoy making unique pieces.

Writing is much the same. You need people to read what you write. You need approval for inclusion in publications. You need invitations to read your work. Although I’ve had some degree of success, I work hard to attain it. Sometimes, especially lately, I wonder if it’s worth the effort.

Commonplace manners seem to be missing in this profession. I understand the volume of submissions publications receive and it might not be possible to respond to each writer who submits work. However, when you have to hunt down a response from even a small organization, it makes me wonder whether I have the tenacity to deal with both the rejection and the lack of courtesy extended to writers.

That’s where I find myself now.

I’m going to have a weekend “reboot.” I’ll get some colorful annuals, plant my garden and forget about writing for the weekend. By Monday, I hope to proceed with my new schedule of every-other-day blogging and attempt to finish my works-in-progress. Eventually, I’d like to send queries out but I’ve got to finish the work first. And, I’ll have to ready myself for rejection, once again.

Writing is hard work.

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