Observations of Seasons.

Today is sunny and there is a hint of spring in the air. Over the last few days, I have noted upon awakening that it is lighter out, sparing me the need to turn on the lights as I make lunches and wake my teenagers for school. The early light energizes me. This is especially notable as I am not a morning person.

With the white snow on the ground and the luminous bright star in the sky, everything is glistening. I know it is cold, but as I head out to have coffee with a dear friend, I do not even notice. All I see is the sparkle of the sun on the pure white winter blanket that is receding.

As I age, I consciously make time to notice these little changes between our seasons, as one leads into the other.  Each season seems to be my favorite as I note the changes in my surroundings.  Lately, I have found Spring to be so rejuvenating it is rapidly replacing Fall as the season I hold most dear.

Nature amazes me. There are so many wondrous events that fill me with awe. I love to share my awe of the soon to be returning monarchs, erupting milkweed, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds at my kitchen window feeder, and reappearing colorful garden plants with my family, children, school, and community. Nature fuels me. The sun is motivating me for the season to come. I think it is my favorite!  I am sure.

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  1. We had flurries in the air this morning, and much colder than it’s been. A reminder that winter may still surprise us! That despite the budding trees and blooming daffodils. But the sun is bright, which does make morning easier!

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  2. We’ve got an early spring (actually, a really strange winter) here in north Alabama as well. I’m enjoying the weather more than I should–a cold snap will ruin my it’s-almost-time-to-dig-out-the-shorts attitude if I’m not careful. Thanks for your slice!

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    1. Hi Tim, Yes. I have been reading about your very, very early spring on some of the climate change sites I visit occasionally. I also follow migrational species and it was in an article about hummingbirds that I saw your spring in the gulf coast area was abnormally early. After a mild February, for the most part, March blew in to the mid-west with a lion like vengeance on March first. We still have the snow, but it is amazing what the sun can do – especially for one’s attitude. Thanks for your comment.


  3. I too enjoy all the seasons. Each have their own specialties. Your writing is very inspsirational to me to take better observations. Don’t stop writing now.


  4. I appreciated the like “I consciously make time to notice these little changes between our seasons” because too often it’s easy to take these changes for granted. Thank you for reminding me to pay more attention:)


  5. Working with cancer patients for 3 decades has given me the gift of appreciating things that you mention.
    A patient early on in my career after being hospitalized for more then one month said she “missed the wind on her face”. I have never forgotten that statement.

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