Backwards Saturday.

For a lot of reasons, Saturdays are much like any other day of the week for me. Yet, today ended up being a little backwards. Instead of sleeping in, we were up almost as early as we are during the week. Places to go, errands to run, delivery of a pre-driving teen to indoor soccer practice, and Starbucks on the go, all began before 9 a.m..  While shopping, I was having a hard time finding anything I liked….even on the clearance racks, even at Kohl’s. This was unusual. At check out, after finding a couple of t-shirts for my ever-growing boys,  I was handed a coupon instead of bringing my own. Again, odd, especially for me – a self-proclaimed coupon queen and bargain hunter! After leaving, I couldn’t find my car! What?!   Finally, after walking across the sparsely occupied parking lot several times, I found it.  I knew it was there all the time! After all, I had driven. And, a friend of my soccer player, who I ran into in the store, told me he had taken a photo of my car in its parking space just minutes before. Weird. I know.

After hoping no one saw me meandering around one row of parked cars after another,  I took off for another store. After all, I had another half hour to kill before the pick up from soccer was due. In the next department store, I found a scarf that I really liked. Cashmink! You know, the partially fake cashmere?  It was colorful and I love vibrant colors. Who doesn’t in the later months of winter before spring arrives?  I was craving color.  I left the scarf on the rack and went in search of a sweater or something I could wear with this scarf.  Luckily, as in most stores at this time of year, gobs and gobs of clothes are on clearance. Over and over the racks I perused. Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Lime. No, not black or gray, the usual colors I gravitated to. Did I have time to keep looking? After a quick look at my watch, I decided that yes, I had time. Not a lot, but enough. Look harder, look faster. Ah, here is one of those ribbed turtlenecks that I like so much. The ones that I’ve been wearing as soon as the laundry is done, like the black one I have on today.  This one’s my size and it’s pink! It goes with the scarf!  Back to the scarf rack I go, to find the fake cashmere scarf  still there. It is on sale!  The clerk in this store also gives me a coupon.  How can I go wrong?  Wait. Did I just buy a sweater just so I could purchase a really colorful scarf? Yup. How backward is that? I am a sweater person, not a scarf person! Maybe, I’m changing?! Maybe, it’s just a backward Saturday!

So, since backwards seems to be working, I read and commented on the blogs of others today before writing and posting mine. After all, when something works, why fool with it? Sometimes, backwards works and today, I’ll just go with that.

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    1. Thanks so much! I am trying not to write “a serious post” all the time. I tend to be very serious in my writing, so I am attempting to get out of that habit. Although, there will be some serious subjects posted eventually. Thanks, again!

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  1. It’s funny that your sense of hurry and rushing to squeeze in a quick shopping trip before your soccer pick up is conveyed in the quick sentences of this piece. This piece reads to me like a quick bump in with a friend who has to tell a story quickly before rushing off. The tone is so fitting for the story!


  2. Yep, just go with it. Backwards is more fun and surprising isn’t it? Don’t kids sports cost a lot when you factor all in all that waiting time at the shops too! 🙂 Glad you got a cute new outfit.

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