Well, I did it! I have written 31 days (actually 32 days) in a row to complete the Slice of Live Blog Challenge! I am grateful for Two Writing Teachers for sponsoring this event and writing community! And, what a community it is!  I have found a voice and the generous support of gracious people in the community to support that voice! Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! The feedback received has been enlightening and welcomed! I have not only honed my writing skill but also learned from others how to give positive feedback as well as several formats for blog posting.  I cannot say enough about this experience! What luck I must have had to have chosen such a wonderful, supportive community of writers. Thank you, all!

If you’ve followed my blog,  there are updates that will be coming. My orchid is blooming! My Meyer Lemon tree has new buds! It is almost time to visit the garden supply stores for plants.   And, my writer’s circle students are in the process of finishing their color poems. I know many of you wanted to read some of the results.  School will end.  There is only one more term here, a mere eight weeks of student learning and the rollercoaster ride that comes with it. Soon, I will have a college graduate in the field of mathematics! My pride is beyond telling!  Where that time has gone is beyond me!  There are tennis matches to play, track meets to watch, art to be made, and a new driver to train.  Yes, the writing challenge ends today, but life goes on.

Finding myself hooked on the daily writing process, I plan to continue. I hope you do, too. Or that you start! Find your voice, find what you have to say, and say it. There will be listeners, of that I am sure!

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  1. Congratulations – on everything!! What a delightful and joy-filled slice to end with! I plan to also continue on Tuesdays. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future!


  2. Keep writing – yeah! You’ve inspired me to get back at my blogging – I have a list of topics that I never covered, and I got weighed down by moving so I went off track. Maybe I’ll get a schedule and get writing again too.
    It’s been fun to read your posts – great job, Carol!

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  3. Congrats for writing all month – This is my first stop on your site and excited about the orchard. I will need to look back over your slices to see what else you have writing about gardens. I have veggies but no fruit in my city garden. I love the spring bloom. I hope to follow you more on Tuesdays! Happy Writing!

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