Tennis, Anyone???

Today was the start of our high school tennis season. My junior is still at the courts, almost 9 hours after he first arrived this morning at 8:45 a.m.. The last matches are still being played out.  Four teams played today with our district hosting this invitational to start off the season.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather – sunny, no wind, and temperatures in the mid-60’s. Glorious weather for tennis! We were able to comfortably watch all three of his matches – two as part of a first doubles team, and one match as a singles player in third position. He does a nice job and is very complimentary towards his teammates.  This is the third year of Varsity Tennis for our son.

Both my husband and I played tennis in high school. I was terrible, quitting after my freshman year on Junior Varsity. I quit because I was miffed at the coach who was trying to teach me a more correct serving technique. Of course, being a know-it-all teen, I thought my serve was fine. It was getting in the right “box” after all, and wasn’t that the point? My husband was a better tennis player in high school and can still hold his own on the court, although it is getting tougher.

It is a useful sport to learn. You are part of a team, but do not need the team to play. Practicing seems directly related to improvements in your game. Practice makes perfect, is that not the saying?  It is relatively easy to keep track of the score. It is fun to watch, especially when you know the kids on the court. It is portable. You can easily take your racket on vacation and play, almost wherever you go. As a family we have played on beautiful resort courts in Florida while on vacation and on the run-down public high school court near our cabin. It is fun in either place.

Today, it looked like it would be fun, anyplace.

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