Only in……

We used to have a saying in college, “only in Alfred”!  My husband and I attended this small, private university in what is known as the Southern Tier of New York State. The tiny pedestrian campus, governed by one stoplight in town, is surrounded by rolling hills that make the setting very picturesque.  It was not unusual to wake up and find a cow grazing near Oppenheim, one of the  dorms near the edge of campus! To that sight we would reply, shaking our heads and smiling with a slight eye roll, “only in Alfred!”  Of course, there were other things that deemed that requisite reply – the plethora of dogs with bandanas, snow in the month of May, the intriguing Steinheim Castle building, being mugged by someone running out of the woods rather than creeping up on you on a city street, nursing students, in full white dress uniforms including caps, heading off to breakfast at 4:30 a. m. prior to catching  a bus, and driving golf balls into a cow pasture for gym class, among others.

Yes, in the mid-80’s, we thought for sure we had cornered the market on use of the term, “only in Alfred”. Now, some thirty-odd years later, with much more life experience, I know that there are always occasions, no matter where you live that demand the verbalization of, “only in…….”. Local flavors predominate your choice locations in which you chose to live. If you are a transplant, you will quickly learn what constitutes the oddities that local residents proudly proclaim are only theirs.

A case in point was yesterday on the I -90 interstate coming back from soccer practice in Minnesota to our home in Wisconsin. It sounds like a long trip, but in reality only takes about 25 minutes to travel the highways, cross the Mississippi River, and land in a middle class subdivision’s lovely park to work on passing and shooting skills. Not all that unusual. But, on the way home, we were passed by a greater-than-life dairy cow on a trailer! This was definitely one of those, “only in Wisconsin” moments! I had my son whip out his brand new smart phone (one he paid for himself) and take a few photos.


kwik trip cow

The experience led me directly back to those good old days, when we gleefully exclaimed, “only in Alfred” and some great memories!  What are some of your “only in……..(fill in the blank)”, experiences?

My post was not inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt: Local. But, it fits!

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