Slice of Life: Anxiety vs. Relaxation

Today’s post is truly a slice of my life. I am buried in work for my grad class on Advanced Interpretive Media Design. This will probably be the most busy week of the summer for me. My final project is due, along with the regular week’s worth of assignments. So far I am not all that optimistic that time will be on my side. There is a lot to do and seemingly not enough time to do it. This is the problem with a perfectionist personality! This is time to do it adequately but not time to do it in an excellent fashion. Why this continues to bother me when I am this old is beyond me!  It is ingrained in me to strive for excellence.

Life tends to move on when one is preoccupied with a task. This is also what is happening to me now. Our cherries have ripened all at once. They need to be picked! I have carved out a limited amount of time to do that. But, once they are picked they need to be processed – that takes time, too.


Our youngest son has two soccer games this week. My husband and I will probably split the duties on those, but since he works on the day of the second one and it is in the Twin Cities, that responsibility will fall to me.  I am trying to get as much done as possible to be able to go without undo anxiety that I should be working on my final course project, due July 2nd.DSC_0351

My sister, and her family, who I dearly love is coming in from out-of-state for a visit. We will be hosting them at our cabin in the Northwoods this coming weekend. Ideally, I should be making some meals, and planning activities. In reality, I have purchased non-perishables, including a lot of wine as well as white t-shirts and tie dye kits. I really would like to visit with out a lot of pressure to turn in my week’s work (all due, July 2nd).

The school district committment that I wrote about earlier this week, is Wednesday night, make that tomorrow night. I woke up today feeling like I should cancel attending due to the pressure and anxiety I am feeling about getting my coursework done. I will decide tomorrow morning whether I can keep that committment.

It is mid-summer, a time of year for reading good books, lazing around, campfires, and long walks. I cannot say I have done much of that yet.  I did only get 5 and a half hours of sleep last night and it was not because I was doing something fun. I am very familiar with anxiety and insomnia.  When I do not sleep well, I do not function well.   Earlier this morning, I was trying to move something with my mousepad on my computer and realized I was touching the table instead!  This is not good! It is uncharacteristic for me to say this but, I really think “I need a break”.  My course ends July 9th and I will be so glad it will be over.  This is a slice of my life right now.


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  1. Such an honest slice. I hope you manage to squeeze in all that needs to be done without too much anxiety. No need to stress about the visit. Keep things simple and focus on the joy of being together. Your sis will understand. It’s probably tough to read slices about everyone enjoying summer when that time is not yet for you. Hugs!

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  2. You certainly have a lot on your plate right now. I think you are smart to make things a little more manageable by buying food instead making, thinking about not attending the meeting, splitting duties with your husband. Then end is in sight, though! Hopefully after your class the rest of the summer will be more relaxed.

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    1. Thank you so much! I make it a priority to write these days! I am so out of my element with this course! It is basically advanceed graphic design for environmental media and although I knew Photoshop already there is another CC program – InDesgin – my learning curve has been steep! I am hoping to use it to make some curricular materials when I have more time! But, I miss writing & researching papers! Since the SOL Challenge in March, I have missed very few days with my writing. Thank you for providing the opportunity to get me started!


  3. I agree with Stacey’s comment-taking the time to write when you have so much happening in your life is impressive! I look forward to a future slice where you describe all of the ways that you relaxed after this busy time is over!


  4. So real. I can relate to the pull on your time from so many good sources. That makes it even harder to choose what is best to do at the moment. Your cherries look divine!


    1. Thank you! I am managing. I had to stop last night and pick more cherries! They are yummy! I was also able to squeeze in making a coffeecake. Just trying to take one day at a time until I’m through the 2nd. I like how you said “pull on my time from so many good sources.” That’s a great way to look at it.

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