Four Monarchs for the Fourth!

On June 30th, last Friday, I saw my first Monarch of the season! It was at our cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin! I have a perennial bed with common milkweed for the caterpillars and nectar plants like purple cone flowers for the adult butterflies. The monarch was flitting from plant to plant!  Later, after my excitement calmed down, I was able to find a tiny caterpillar on those same plants!


The next day, on our morning walk, I found a bigger caterpillar on a milkweed plant alongside the dirt road on which we were strolling before seven o’clock in the morning! Both caterpillars were carefully collected and given plenty of milkweed leaves on which to munch. They made the ride home with us on Monday. Usually, I have enough caterpillars at our house to satisfy my need to raise monarchs. This year, I have only found one in my main gardens. It is now in the third stage of the Monarch Life Cycle, or the Chrysalis (the pupa). It is in this stage that the metamorphosis takes place from caterpillar to butterfly!


On July 4th, I was working in my gardens and saw four monarchs throughout the day! Or maybe, it was one monarch I saw four times! I am hoping it was the previous occurence and more than one had returned to my yard! It was a welcome sight, indeed!

Since it is July, one or two months of monarchs have already completed their life cycle. In August, I will again send to Monarch Watch to obtain tags in which to apply to the monarchs I raise and/or catch during that month. This is the generation which will travel an amazing 1,700 miles from my home to central Mexico to overwinter. Last year, I tagged 15 monarchs. I doubt I will have that many this year. But, I can hope. Maybe the season is just off to a slow start!

For more information, please see the downloadable PDF from Monarch Joint Venture on raising Monarchs responsibly.

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