Why do I post about ……..

Due to our pre-holiday weekend away at our cabin, I missed posting my Silent Sunday Photos. Not only was I unable to post (no internet connection at our cabin), but I truly missed going through the myriad of photographs I have to choose a few to share.


Personally, I receive a lot of inspiration from nature.  Whether it is the colors in flowers or the miracle of metamorphosis, the nature experiences flow over into other aspects of my creative life. This includes writing curriculum, lessons for my third grade writer’s circle students, and making jewelry.  The photographs serve as a motivator and inspiration to create physical items or write words, as well as give rise to ideas. So, I asked myself, why do I post photography when this blog is supposed to be about student enrichment?

It is because students, just like all of us, have different sources for:

  • inspiration
  • motivation
  • creativity
  • perspective
  • exposure to new places

It is about enrichment! My photographs might jog a memory or a dream of a place or time for those viewing them and serve as a motivational source for others as well. My photographs might just be a source of enjoyment or pleasure in looking at a beautiful plant or incredible landscape.


We all need inspiration – why not share my sources? Enjoy!

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