A Quick Change

Today’s post will be short. It was a busy day finishing up my last assignment for the grad course that I am taking on Advanced Interpretive Media. My final was due last Sunday, but this week we had a full load of assignments, the last of which is due tomorrow.

My day started with a friend coming to pick cherries off of our trees in our home fruit orchard…..we have been picking daily for over a week!  Then, it was on to soccer practice. I got a deal at the local nursery, which is usually expensive but since it is mid-summer, I guess they just needed to get rid of plants. Petunias were being given away free! I picked up two six-cell packs of those and two lovely pink geraniums in five inch pots for only $2.00 each.  I was also able to get in a little work on my last assignment.

Then, by the time we got home, there was a surprise waiting for us! Our monarch had emerged from the chrysalis! We had a beautiful new butterfly! It was a female and as is tradition in our house I named her. Her name was Alice.  She flew away this afternoon in the bright sunshine! hangingmonarch7817


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