This is Not a Funny Blog and I Am Not Sorry: A Reflection on Writing Daily

Having written/posted a whopping 178 blog posts since February 23rd 2017, the date I started this blog, I thought I would take a minute and reflect on my writing.

I sat back and tried to take an objective look at my writing and how it appears so far.

These are my thoughts:

Amusing? Yes, at times. I am thought to have a good sense of humor by those who know me well. Yes, I can be amusing and even funny or sacastic if the piece calls for it. But, it is not a funny blog. Rarely, do I attach a tag of humor to my posts. I am okay with that. There are other funny blogs you can visit. I am sure it is not the reason I have readers.

Informative? I definitely aim for my blog to be educational.

Conversational? I think so. One of my graduate school professors in the College of Education really liked my academic writing last fall duing a course I took from him on the Models of Teaching and Learning. We had several papers to write. It felt great to be complimented all semester long on my writing skills. One of his comments was that he “liked my conversational tone” and felt it made me accessible, increasing the comfort level of the reader, while still being able to make some very serious points. I question a lot of things in the educational world these days. It was reassuring that I could get my point across without going on a rant or being a bully. We still have a long road ahead of us in educational reform. But, perhaps, with some calm, comfortable conversations either writing or in person the reform will be made in a quicker fashion. It really needs to be all for one and one for all in the world of education.

Opinionated? Yes! There is no doubt that I have my opinions. I have voiced some and have more to share. I try not to rant. I believe I have only really done that on the blog a few (less than three) times in the last five months. I tend not to look at the world through the same lense as others, so voicing my opinion might open my readers up to a new perspective. I do not expect everyone or even anyone to agree with me. I just write what my life experience has been and what I have observed. It is my perspective. You do not have to share it, just be aware there are differing views available for consumption.

Grammatically correct? I try to be. However, anyone that writes daily and puts it out there for public consumption needs a little bit of a break when there is an error with spelling, a comma, spacing, quotes, or subject-verb agreement.  So, if you have read any of my posts and closed the page thinking: “Wow, she made an error with that comma,” or any other number of criticisms, know that I strive to provide grammatically accurate, solid writing, but cannot be perfect. I also do not care for the formatting that WordPress offers for some of my posts. For example, poems are not spaced correctly, and titles need to be adjusted. However, we writers can only work within the platform that we are using. So, know that sometimes the post contains formatting that we cannot control as writers.  Writing everyday is an accomplishment. There will be some mistakes.  Please give me a break, grammar police. I must note here that the grammar police only exist in my mind, at this point. I have not had anyone actually make a comment regarding this. It is just that I know they are out there. Point made.

Proof-read? Yes, I do this, several times per post. I write, correct. I rewrite, correct. I finish, and correct. I post, and yet will go back again to correct and update. I dislike errors as much as any grammar policeman.  Still, I might miss something……and have. I just hope not too much or too many times.

Inspiring? I hope to be. I often write about what inspires me in hopes it will inspire someone else. I have been told my posts inspire (Check my comments on the various posts, especially from Tuesdays.) Inspiration is my aspiration!

So, what I am comparing my blog post writing against? As a blogger, you also need to read blogs by other writer’s. I do so on a daily basis.  There are humorous blogs, teacher blogs, photography blogs, parent blogs, travel blogs, and even a few food blogs. All have merit and all are worthy of my time as a reader and writer.  I think my blog is doing alright. I have a regular readship and although it is small, many consistently leave a comment for my consideration. My readership grows steadily, so that is reassuring as well.  I feel supported having found the twowritingteachers blog that supports the Slice of Life Challenge (what got me started) and Slice of Life Tuesdays (a continuation of the community of writer’s that write for the challenge in March.)

I will keep blogging and look forward to reflecting again, once I have made posts for a year. My hope to to able to continue to post daily, or as close as possible to that schedule. Who knows where it will lead and really, who cares? I am having fun with it and for now that is what matters.

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