Zen Rock Building in Door County

Lately, I have taken to participating in some photography challenge posts on other blogs. I consider photography to be one of my most beloved hobbies and am always looking to improve. Landscape and nature photography are my high interest areas.  I missed the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, which is hosted on Wednesdays since they skipped this week.  So, I went looking for other challenges today. I found this one on a page I have been watching periodically and decided to follow today.  It is Cee’s Photography Blog page.

We visited the Door County Penninsula in Wisconsin last summer for the first time. Shame on us because we have been residents of the state for many years! It is very beautiful, although not more beautiful than the part of the state in which we live, in my opinion.  However, it has the added bonus of shoreline boarding Lake Michigan!  Here, in one of the county parks, we found many stones piled upon one another. We had to try to add to these piles or make piles of our own, of course! Enjoy! And, get your Zen, on!


Inspired by Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Candid Shots

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