Not writer’s block but…..

This morning I spent an hour working on a post I have had sitting my drafts folder for a couple of weeks.  It is a post on untold stories. Already quite lengthy, I was trying to tweak it a bit.  Some parts were not as clear as I wanted them, so I was working on being concise and clear at the same time. Then, during my editing, I started thinking of topics I could add to my untold story post. Hmmmm. This was not the direction I wanted to go.

I have been fortunate, during six months of blogging almost daily, not to have experienced writer’s block. I seem to have a host of ideas about which to write and the words flow freely. These potential posts are kept at my fingertips by keeping a running list of topics and some half written posts in a draft folder right on my WordPress account page.

But, as a writer, I want to improve. I tend to be verbose and need to curb that tendency. This is a self-imposed critique, based on what I see other bloggers posting, and one conversation I had with an author/blogger that I have come to know and respect through the twowritingteachers blog community to which I belong. She tries to write no more than 500 words per post.  I have some work to do before I reach that. And, then I think about style and the complexity of some of the topics I write about, putting conciseness away for another day, and just keep writing.

So, instead of posting about my untold stories, I dug out some haiku I wrote last spring. Haiku was the topic on which I wrote yesterday. It is fitting to include some with this post as haiku are brief, yet descriptive, and enjoyable to write.  These are some that I wrote and shared with my writer’s circle students last spring. Enjoy!

All day wondering

How, how will I teach Haiku

Inconvenient cold

Red Amaryllis

Growing Tall for All to See

Announce with Color

Niagara Falls

Visited often in youth

Lovely memories

Darting here and there

Hummingbirds quickly gather

Sweet, sappy, nectar

Brown gives way to green

In the Coulee behind me

Near Vision of Spring


Volcano like no other

Sleeping not spewing



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