A New, Bigger Lens

One of my other hobbies is photography. A regular reader of my blog would be able to guess that I really like to take pictures. Nature photography is my favorite form of photography and includes photos of flowers, seeds, trees, birds, butterflies, and sunrises. Landscape photography is what I consider to be a subset of nature photography, but many of my photos include the land. I like to capture the undulation of the land found in the coulees in our area of Western Wisconsin.  Beaches, waves, and rock formations found on our travels to various locations in the United States and abroad also fascinate me. But, above all, is color! I love capturing the vibrancy of life. I suppose that is why  sunsets and sunrises are taken any time there is a hint of color. I know that is why I snap pictures of the flowers in my yard year after year, season after season.  Color plays a huge role in my artistic endeavors. Recently, I was shocked by my middle son who commented to me after I cleaned and rearranged the pieces on the tops of my kitchen cabinets, that I had an “eye” for color! This compliment was very pleasing to me, mostly because I thought it was true and he had noticed!

With the exception of my trip to the Netherlands in 2016, the more recent photographs I have taken are with a Nikon D5200 SLR. This camera, and an extra lens (50-200mm), was a gift from my husband a few years ago. I like the camera but have to admit to shooting on Auto Focus and not really bothering to “learn” how to use it.  Still, I have been able to get some great shots with the Nikon camera and lenses.

This might be about to change. Due to a quest to get some more “up close” shots during our son’s soccer games this fall, I made known that I wanted a bigger lens. After some research and revision of my thoughts about what I should spend on such a piece of equipment, I jumped in and purchased a new, “bigger” lens. This zoom lens extends from 150mm to 600mm. It arrived the day before yesterday, a full two weeks before I expected it.

Reading the directions was essential. I was able to put on the lens, put in in Auto Focus and take a few photos. Unfortunately, something is not quite right yet because they photos are dark……(Yes, I remembered to take the lens cap off.)  I plan to play with this new lens today. Soccer season is widing down, but we are also in need of taking some more nature photos (always) and then, there will be tennis and track in the spring.  Oh, and graduation, too! Can you tell I am excited?!

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