Silent Sunday: Missing Our Cats

Usually, I do not write anything on my silent sunday posts. But, this spring we lost both of our cats within a few months of each other. It was hard to see them get old, fail, and die. Lewis and Clark were blood brothers from a farm in Westby. We got them as kittens and were almost 14 years old when they died. They had good lives and were very loved. I miss them terribly.

Clark liked to sit on anything soft, especially if it was clean! 



Lewis once acted as principal supervising our son’s virtual school homework and classes.
So, when the time came to pack for college, of course Lewis thought he was going!  Any box would do – the smaller, the better! 


clark in sun 17
Clark liked to cover his eyes while catching a “cat nap”! He also liked to lean on things for a pillow……it did not matter if it was hard.


Lewis, on the alert. Clark is sleeping. 
Lewis was a “talker” and always wanted to be sure you understood him. He also had many expressions! This one was annoyed! 
The boys joined Ben each morning for breakfast, even though they never got any food! (Or, so Ben said!)
Clark is sleepy. 
The tree was always a big hit! I am sure because it smelled like the outdoors.
Clark sleeping in his pretend jungle.
Our boys, Lewis and Clark. We miss you! 

2 thoughts

  1. I find it so amazing how our pets become such an important part of our families. Our kids still talk about the 2 sheepdogs we had. I’ve been thinking about you. How are you doing?


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