The Difference a Week Makes

Wow! It has been a whirlwind week. I am mid-course learning about environmental history. It has been a challenging course just due to some computer issues and heavy reading. But, I have been learning lots of new facts…..and realized that the course is already half over! My final project will be on the history of the Mississippi Valley Conservancy.  This is a local organization that preserves and conserves local lands through working with citizens and stewardship. Another realization I had is that active citizenship and the development of environmental stewardship are at the core of what I have done for the last 14 years as a volunteer.  I value citizenship and stewardship!

But, my volunteer status is about to change!  This week, for the first time in a VERY long time, I had a job interview!  And, this week, for the first time in a VERY long time, I was hired to do a job – a job that I have done before, but as a volunteer! A job I am excited about taking, and which will allow me to plant more seeds of environmental steward ship in a new group of local youth. It almost feels like my professional rebirth! More will be written more about this opportunity in future posts. Stay tuned!

This week, I was reminded that life can change on a dime. Every day is precious. Every day is important. It is not worth getting excited about things which I cannot change, no matter how much I want that change.  Sometimes, you just have to move positively forward and hope for the best.

And, the best might be revealing itself.  This week I learned that my children, not I, have agreed – on their own – to be involved in seeking positive change.  Mature, potentially change making discussions are taking place with students – one of whom is mine – considering their views, their feedback, their opinions, and what they view as important.  Is this not what we all want? We all want our children to be self-advocates, to have their opinions sought, to have them be able to verbalize what they consider important and what their personal view of learning holds. By the time our children are in high school, they should be self-advocating – our years of lessons, role-modeling, discussing, and demonstrating should be coming to a close, not be ramping up.  Let this be a lesson for all parents who rush the doors of the teacher or counselor.  Do your job as a parent, and then watch your child do what you have so carefully, but even possibly, incidentally, taught them. It will amaze you and lighten your heart!

I was reminded I can be excited about my own course of learning. My research study was approved by my mentor – it will be going on to the IRB by early next week. I learned that patience does pay off. Sometimes, it is just important to wait and let others take the time they need to accomplish what they said they would. Most people do make good on their word.

This week made a difference.  I am headed in a new direction.  The time is now.

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  1. Nice blog. Good for you. Positive attitudes make all the difference. My kids are all grown and now i have 4 small grandchildren. I have grown into who I am because of the love I have for them and by learning to let go. Very happy for you this new turn of events. i follow you blog and love it!


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