To Prefer or Not to Prefer

“What do you prefer,” the waiter asked? It was early, too early, to make any decisions, even about juice. “Would you like our special mix of Orange, Mango, Pineapple, or just Orange? Both were freshly made this morning.”

“Oh, I’ll take the mix – why not?” I told the waiter.

His reply came back in a crisp British accent that matched the crisply pressed, khaki Bermuda shorts and knee socks he so elegantly sported, “Very good, Miss.” He poured, the vibrantly orange mix of juices into the sparkling, spotless goblet that sat at my place on the table.

Miss! Miss, I thought to myself! Now, I hadn’t heard that one in a long time! My crow’s feet and spider veins, now visible on my legs, were sure signs I was old enough to be a “Mam” instead of a “Miss!” But, I will take it today – even though I am not sure which salutation I would prefer, Mam or Miss. Today, I’ll be a Miss, I thought to myself as I gave the waiter a vapid smile.

Left alone to eat my breakfast, I contemplated my day. What would I like to do? What would I prefer? The beach or pool? The sand or the cement? The sun or shade? So many decisions based on preference.  It was my choice to come here – Bermuda. Due to schedules, I decided to come two days before my husband this time. Before, on our three previous trips, we had always arrived together.

So, the next two days are mine. The decisions I make will be based on my preference due to not deferring to the preference of my partner. Sitting alone and eating my breakfast, while looking out the clear turquoise surf, gently lapping the shore, I wondered if I would enjoy making all the choices based on my preferences. Somehow, I wasn’t sure.

First, I thought I would walk on the beach. Although I prefer not to exercise, I do like to walk and I do like the beach. So, a walk on the beach would be good. The beaches on Bermuda are some of the most beautiful in the world, in my opinion. A pink hue emanates from the soft sand, free of shells and sea plant debris, on the wide expanse of the coral lined shore. The beach would be great. I prefer the beach, I said to myself, making a game of it.


Photographs. I love to take photos on vacation. I prefer landscapes, sunsets, and flowers as opposed to people, street scenes, and food. The afternoon was spent traveling to St. George on the water ferry because I prefer that to the bus on a calm, sunny day, such as this one in early July.

Soon, it was time for dinner. What would I prefer? So many choices! Seafood is a favorite. Beach dining is great. Or, how about the comfort of a Shepard Pie in the Hog Penny English Pub in Hamilton?  This entrée had been my husband’s choice on our last visit to this quaint island nation and it was delicious! Shepard’s Pie was not something I would normally prefer, but it was tasty for sure! Maybe, I’ll go and have that. The pub was fun, intimate, and full of both tourists and locals, that would make it an interesting place to people watch.

Back at the hotel, I had to decide what I would prefer to do with my evening. I prefer wine as my libation of choice when home. But here? Again, there seemed to be a lot of choices. Should I have the traditional Dark and Stormy or the Bermudian’s national cocktail of a Rum Swizzle, instead? No, I prefer wine. I’ll have a glass in the hotel lounge and do some more people watching.

Then, to bed. I prefer to get a good night sleep. When my husband arrives, we’ll go with his preferences for a day or two, as I prefer not to make so many decisions.

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt: Prefer

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