Candy Apples & Apple Cider Caramels

Baking has always been a fun pastime for me. But, recently, I have gotten into making candy and found I really enjoy it. This fall, I decided to try my hand at another batch of Apple Cider Caramels. I made this treat two years ago and they were “salted” caramels. In my opinion, either I goofed up OR the recipe was goofed up, but they were WAAAYYY too salty!  Before I made this new batch,  I was sure to look for a new recipe.

That was a few weeks ago. The caramels are nearly gone. But, oh, were they yummy this time! I know I will make another batch before the holidays. Unfortunately, right now I only have this one photo of the caramels, already wrapped for the pictures were taken on my iPhone which has decided not to work after I dropped it last weekend. But, the caramels have been shared, shared again, and eaten by my family. This recipe is a keeper. You can find it online, here.


But, last night, to celebrate Halloween – I made Candy Apples. These were not caramel apples, which abound where we live, but Candy Apples – the kind I grew up with in Western New York. This treat has a red, hard candy shell that tastes like cinnamon covering the outside of a juicy tart apple, like the MacIntosh variety. They turned out and were being eaten as soon as they had cooled! This is also a recipe I will keep, after finding it online.

Enjoy the photos; I hope your mouth does not water too much!!!




They are as yummy as they look, I promise! Both recipes have five-star ratings from other candy makers and I would give them the same! And lest you think I am straying from my theme of enrichment, think again! It is always an enriching experience for you to cook, bake, or make candy with your child. Both of these recipes need adequate adult supervision due to extremely hot nature of the melted sugar. But, what a fun time you will have! Enjoy!

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