Back to Western New York: the First Few Hours

I grew up in Western New York, but have lived in the Mid-west now for almost 20 years.

These were my first observations:

  • Seven lanes of road.
  • Crazy drivers who will cut you off before they let you merge.
  • Suburban spread into the rural areas.
  • From the air Western New York looks like Wisconsin,
  • The comfort of recognizing landmarks still there.
  • Roads are known by their names, not letters or numbers.
  • Fields of cabbages not soybeans, slightly more smelly.
  • First stop: Wegmans Supermarket,
  • Oh, yeah – you cannot buy wine in the grocery store here!
  • New York State Aged Cheddar Cheese – Delicious!
  • Best dinner choice: Beef on Weck. Yum! (only in Western New York)
  • Lake Ontario is still huge

Home, and not home, all at the same time.




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