Some Kind of Foodie

Food is on the minds of a lot of people this week. In two days it will be our Thanksgiving holiday, which means many will have a table full of food on which to overeat while visiting relatives and trying to stay away from volatile topics, such as politics.

Upon arriving home from Western New York, my immediate family wanted to know about the food I ate while I was visiting the Rochester/Buffalo area. Western New York has a lot of great food and ethnic choices.  While I did not get to Duff’s for Buffalo Chicken Wings (our family considers these the best), or to Ted’s for a Char-Broiled Sahlen’s Hot Dog, I was able to have a Beef on Weck Sandwich. Beef on Weck consists of thinly sliced roast beef served on a Kummelweck Roll – a hard roll with caraway seeds and course salt sprinkled on the top.  The taste is incredibly delicious! I like mine with a good dollop of horseradish, which sadly, I missed this time.  Fortunately, I was also able to have some good Greek food at a restaurant that was new to me, but seemed popular in the area outside Buffalo in which I stayed.  I selected a favorite: Chicken Souvlaki Salad. Wow! I really should have taken a photograph! My plate was mounded with all the good stuff that makes this dish appealing – salty feta cheese, marinated chicken breast, fresh lettuce, kalamata olives, red onions, and of course, a slice of pita bread on the side.

For me, none of the food mentioned above ever tastes better than when eaten in Western New York. My family has tried to find Buffalo Wings, a great hot dog, and recreate Beef on Weck to no avail while living in the mid-west. An adequate chicken souvlaki is the closest we have come to having Western New York food in West-Central Wisconsin.

I suppose I am some kind of foodie. I enjoy watching the Food Network shows on cable and can cook up some decent dishes. Now, with Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast almost upon us, I will turn to more traditional dishes that have stayed with us no matter where we have lived. This morning my gourmet potatoes will be made. My husband will make an apple pie. And, tomorrow I will make my mom’s sausage stuffing and Chinese Cabbage salad. These are all traditional dishes served on Thanksgiving in our house. But, we are stepping out of the box a little bit. We will be brining and smoking turkey breasts this year! We did a trial run a few weeks ago, and it was very delicious! Plus, when the turkey is in the smoker, I will have much more room in the oven for the stuffing, gourmet potatoes, and sweet potatoes. I also found a recipe for Cranberry Apple Chutney that I would like to try. Yesterday, I grocery shopped (avoiding today’s rush) for all the ingredients.

So, while I was a little disappointed I did not get to eat Duff Wings or Sahlen’s Hot Dogs on my recent trip to Western New York, I am full knowing the traditional meal that awaits us tomorrow. It is comforting to indulge in those things, including food, we love.

What food are you thankful for? Tell me in the comments!


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