Have You Ever??? Shopped Consignments

When my boys were very young, I took their gently used clothes and baby equipment after we were sure we were done having kids to a couple of consignment stores in our area. I was able to receive a few small checks for our items. This turned out to be instead of hosting a garage sale to get rid of the same or similar items. Although, I did that too on at least a couple of occasions – usually, when my friend Cheryl talked me into it or I hopped on her sale by taking things to her house and helping. It was fun! But, I never made a great deal of money. I made some, and it did clean things out. But, for the most part, over the years it just became easier to to a mass clean out, load the van, and head to goodwill.  We are still doing that, with my husband also prompting clean outs such as the one he did with our youngest son when I was out of town recently. I now find that I have more available hangers than ever, and I consider that a very good thing!

However, earlier last year,  I began taking a few household items to a consignment store in our area that has proved to be a popular spot.  While I have not made much money, I have sold what I took, and in return have been able to shop for something “new” that I like and receive it for no more money – in most cases. And thus, was the case today.

A few months ago, I took several gently used items from our previous bathroom. These things included the ceramic tooth brush holder, soap dish, waste can, and a few more miscellaneous things.  We have lived in our house for ten years and last January, my husband did a complete bathroom renovation, complete with tiling the shower walls – two done in ceramic and the back wall in glass.  I took the chance to “redecorate” the bath and buy new accessories courtesy of our local TJ Maxx store. And, the “old” stuff went to the consignment store. I took in six items, which all have sold, and today, I found $35.65 on my account when I checked.

Coincidentally, the consignment store was hosting a Christmas clearance sale today from 10-60% off, so I decided to go have a look and see what treasures I could find. After all, I had just over thirty-five dollars to spend!

I was not disappointed. Although the shop is jam-packed with stuff – other people’s stuff  – and is often hard to maneuver around, I always enjoy going as long as I can take my time and look for a would-be treasure. Today’s visit was coming up empty; I really thought I would leave not having spent any of the $35.00 sitting in my account. But, upon turning the corner into one of the back rooms, I spied a group of Longaberger baskets. One was a small five pointed star, trimmed out in maroon and lined with some pleated holly material. Longaberger also sold the liners to their baskets….for a pretty price, of course. This basket also had a lid. The whole thing was $17.99! It looked like new. I liked it. I had only been to one Longaberger Basket Party back in the early 21st century, in which I bought a lined basket for our master bath in the house that was new to us in 1999.  The baskets are expensive. I consider today’s find a treasure!   It is small. It is lined. It is in very good shape considering it is 16 years old. I will be able to keep things in it.  And, I didn’t have to pay a dime!

That is the beauty of consignment shopping when you are a consignor. It is like trading your used “stuff” for someone else’s used “stuff” that is new to you! It is a win-win. And, the best part of it all is that I feel like I didn’t contribute to the disposable mentality of today’s society. I really like my little Longaberger Star Christmas Basket and I still have some money left to spend in the shop! I told the cashier I’d be back, instead of taking the remainder of the money on my account. I decided that I really like shopping for “FREE!”


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