What Do You Want Me To Write About?

I have over 100 self-written prompts in my draft folder on my WordPress account page for my blog. The month of march is quickly approaching during which I will participate in the 11th Slice of Life Writing Challenge hosted by TwoWritingTeachers for my second year in a row.

I have a voice. I have an audience on WordPress, and a smaller audience through Facebook. I am okay with that. I actually have more WordPress followers than Facebook friends and this tells me that my posts are worth reading, that people are not just reading because they “know” me. Yes! Strangers are connecting to and following my writing! Yeah!  I think you know what I stand for! And if you don’t, read through some of my past posts and you will find out! I have gathered a few together grouped together in themes.

Family Life/Reflections

The Flu

The House of Insomnia 

Resolutions: Every Day Offers A Chance


Drinks of Bermuda

Zen Rock Building in Door County

Enriching Travel


Why Do Parents of Gifted Students Turn to Virtual Education

Five Days to a Tailspin

Giftedness: Do We Need the Label or Not?

Photo Only Posts (These run once a week on Sunday.)

Autumn Glow

Monarchs (In Season)

Monarch Activities in August

Haiku and other Poetry (When the spirit moves me.)

Tea: A Poem of Comfort

There are a total of 307 posts on my blog which is approaching its one year anniversary. If none of the above thrilled you, I invite you to look through my archives and see what other topics are posted.

Alternatively, what would you like to read about?  What should I write about to keep you interested as a reader?

I really want to know. I am not out of ideas or experiencing writer’s block or any such thing. I just, honest and truly want to know what you want to read about!

Almost daily I gain followers of my blog! I find this so awesome that it inspires me to keep writing. But, again, I also know there is a small contingent of people reading my blog privately, surreptitiously, I almost want to say! What is with that? I cannot figure it out. Are my words that radical that you do not want your name associated with mine on Facebook or on WordPress. I seriously doubt it. Maybe it is the ideas I share, that causes you to not want to be “seen” on my posts. Whatever, it is, if you read my blog I would love to know! Why not start by answering these questions for me? What do you want me to write about? What do you want to read about? Let me know. I would love to get you on board! Thanks!

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  1. I like the gifted stuff, the community garden project ideas, the monarchs, your photographs, and your writing in general. You are passionate about many topics and that makes posts wonderful to read. ❤️

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