The Amazing Brain: A reflection on why mine is writing speeches while doing laundry!

Even though I know my brain needs a lot to think about on a steady basis,  and that amount is probably more than the average person, I think I might be headed towards overload.

Saturday, I was in a craft show and getting packed up for that while at the same time, I was doing laundry and stopped to write down an introduction to a presentation that popped into my head while folding towels!  I am speaking at a gardening conference next month and have yet to work on my spiel!  Since January, I have had two graduate courses underway and another started yesterday. I was also contacted by a friend who referred me to be a judge for our regional NHD competition – an offer I could not refuse, so I put that obligation on my board, as well. I applied for a state-wide consulting job that would entail helping schools to make/use outdoor learning spaces.  I am very anxiously awaiting to hear about that opportunity, having already followed up once.


My research study, something I really wanted to do, has unintentionally been pushed to the side. I am in the middle of coding the data from my responses – something I am learning to do as I do it and it seems tedious, even though many of the responses were enlightening and do back up my hypotheses.

All this and family life, too. Laundry is the never-ending job. I finally got grocery shopping back on a schedule – Mondays. And, we are reorganizing a room for me to use as a writing space/office – that is coming along more slowly than I had hoped. But, we are waiting for furniture to be delivered anyway. So, it really doesn’t matter. My husband started a new job just barely a month ago, training has ended and he (we) are trying to establish a new “normal”. Although, I have begun to realize that there just isn’t any normal at all.  Normal is as normal does! (Is that a line from Forrest Gump?)

High school is ending for my eighteen year old. Scholarship applications are finished. He has “committed” and sees the light at the end of the tunnel. But, there are still courses to finish and tasks to complete, jobs to arrive at, and exercise regimes to continue. The spring sports will soon be underway. He will have tennis to occupy his free time, too. There will be track meets for our youngest, who seems able to balance a full schedule better than I. We are busy! I am busy! Is it any wonder I just cannot shut my brain off?  I feel like my head is spinning out of control – writing introductory remarks for a presentation while doing laundry – that seems pretty commonplace for me these days.

The days are noticeably longer, which might make it easier to put more on my plate, such as the NHD event. But, for now I need to stop adding and start finishing.  I think I am ready for a new phase in life, but I have to get through this one first. Wish me luck!

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  1. You have a LOT going on. I took the idea of keeping my blog journal with me in my handbag all the time. I have little snippets of writing to try and come back to another day. It seems like in those mundane times, good ideas really strike. Maybe it’s when our brain is relaxed and can scroll through all the ideas floating around.

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    1. Keeping a journal with you at all times is a great idea. Unfortunately, I have never had it work well for me. No, I keep a running list of topics right on my blog – in draft format. I frequently return to that list when I need a topic. I do think you have a point about our brain relaxing and that is when some great ideas can come through. Thanks for your comments!


  2. Wow…my head is spinning too after that read! It sounds so exciting. I get my best ideas too when I’m doing something repetitive….mine is blowing my hair dray…sometimes for presentations I learned to wait for it, because it will eventually come in surprising moments. xo

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  3. When your hands are busy with one task, your brain is free to ponder upcoming events. Smart idea to stop and jot a few notes to yourself when you get a thought you want to keep. I hope you are able to slow down and enjoy each event.

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