I Have Stars In My Eyes – My entry for the Blog Photo Challenge: Shape

The theme for the Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge for this week is Shape. I did not set out to post Stars – the photo theme revealed itself to my while I was going through my images.  The star shaped folded paper, flower petals, sun rays, bulletin board post, a favorite basket, and an iconic night light in our town are my submissions for this photo challenge.  I know now that I have Stars in my Eyes!  Enjoy!

Stellated Dodecahedron by Ben, © Carol Labuzzetta
Star Poinsettia on a Bulletin Board at School, 2016


Asiatic Lily, 2015
Front Yard Clematis
Clematis, 2015
Haleakala Sunrise, 2015 © Carol Labuzzetta
Shape Changing Origami by Ben
Star Basket and Homemade Limoncello, 2016
Upon Return to Home, 2015 Star Hill, Holmen. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2016

Thanks to Dutch Goes the Photo Blog for the inspiration to find some meaningful shape in my photography!

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