Blogging Insights on my One Year of Daily Blogging Anniversary!

Yesterday, 2/23/18, marks the one year anniversary of the start of my blogging journey! I started the journey by being part of the Slice of Life Blogging Challenge which will commence its 11th year, next Thursday, March 1st.

Here are some statistics:

Views of My Blog

My most views per month was last March with 949 views! This makes sense since I was connected to a community that was blogging every day through TwoWritingTeachers and Slice of Life.

Other popular months for views of my blog were: September (602 ), October (736),  December (649) , and January (624).

Followers of  The Apples in My Orchard

In the last year, my blog as attracted 279 Followers! Thank you so much, each and every one of you!  I think this is amazing since I have tried hard not to beg for followers or expect family to automatically follow me.  Each week I blog, I have gained 2-3 followers! I am grateful that my words seem to be connecting with others.


Since the year is just getting started, I have had 54 posts so far in 2018. I have had 197 comments and 384 likes for this year only. Since January 2018, I have written 30,455 words, with 564 words per post. Each post garners a few comments and a few likes. Thank you to those that comment, especially. It is one of the few ways I know if my words meant something to you!  Having a post liked is also very satisfying.


Year Total Posts

Total Com-ments

Avg Com-ments      per Post Total Likes Avg Likes per Post Total Words Avg Words per Post
2017 274 758 2.8 1446 5.3 137,581 502.1

The above table shows my stats for 2017.  I am amazed! I obviously have a lot to say!

What are my blogging plans for 2018?

  • Participate in the Slice of Life Challenge again. If you’d like to participate, here is a link to what it is all about. There is a registration form page, too.
  • Keep up with Silent Sundays – this is my photo only post, once a week. I love photography and post pictures of my travels, landscapes, and other nature based themes.
  • Participate in blogging challenges when able. This includes Cee’s Photo Challenge, Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge, and The Daily Post’s challenges, including the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.
  • Continue to support other bloggers. Blogging is a community. Part of being in a community is supporting the efforts of others in a positive way. I appreciate the support I’ve had and want to support others in the same ways – with encouragement and positive comments.

So, today marks the first day of my second year of blogging! I am proud of my effort and look forward to what the year ahead will yield! Thanks so much for being part of The Apples in My Orchard!




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