What is Leadership?

This morning I woke up feeling unsure about how I will do with the Slice of Life Blog Writing Challenge this year. My intent is to blog every day. I did complete the challenge successfully last year, posting for 31 days in a row which led to the past year of blogging almost every day.  It’s been an incredible journey. I feel that I have grown as a writer and very supported in my craft. However, something seems different this year. Maybe it is because I have readers from other online communities. Maybe it is because I like my photo only posts once or twice a week. Maybe there are other reasons, too. But, I do feel myself wondering on just Day #3 of the 31 days of the Slice of Life Story Challenge if I will complete the challenge this year. We will see.  I hope to. Thanks, in advance for your support and for the support of the TwoWritingTeachers Blog that sponsors the challenge.

Today, due to time pressures of other obligations, I am posting about leadership. It is a subject on which I have thought a lot about, started last week, and just finished this morning. I hope you can relate to this post.

Leadership: What it is and is not.

Leadership is not a title.

It is not giving money.

It is not receiving recognition.

It is not giving in when your heart tells you to forge ahead.

It is not a degree.

It is not an office.

It is not having a desk.

It is not a nameplate.

It is not an elected office.

It is not a job.

It is not joining the masses when you feel you should do otherwise.

It is not being the loudest voice in the room.

It is not backing down when you hit a roadblock.

Leadership is not fickle.

Leadership is…

Leadership is observant.

It is wise.

It is calm.

It is doing what you need to do because it is the right thing to do.

It is sometimes working, hundreds and hundreds of hours behind the scenes.

Working because you see a need.

Work completed………………………………

without a paycheck,

without a desk,

without a title,

without recognition,

without fame,

without being elected,

                      without being asked.

Leadership often occurs behind closed doors.

In a meeting.

During a conversation.

Making a contribution, however small and, maybe not monetary.

Done because you want to, not because you are asked.

Done because there is a need.

Because YOU noticed the need.

Done because you put others first.

Done because you believe.

Leadership is all these things and more.  What have you done to be a leader and what made you do it?  When did you realize you were a leader? Did someone tell you or did you just know?



17 thoughts

  1. I love what you shared about what leadership is or is not. My favorite part is “Leadership is calm.” That is so reaffirming for me, as I constantly work to stay even keel and calm in my interactions in my life – in my work as a teacher and literacy coach, in dating, with family and friends. It can be very hard at times! I’m going to save your post and share with friends, thank you! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy you could relate to my post. The short sentence about leadership being calm is an important one for me, also. Sometimes, because I am passionate and intense, I allow my emotions to prevent me from verbalizing what I truly want to convey. I have learned staying calm is much more effective and strive to do so in my life. And I agree – it can be very hard at times. Still working on it! Thanks for your comments, saving and sharing my post. I’d be honored!


  2. I have been a leader in integrity this morning. I saw something online that I didn’t like last Saturday, and I ignored it. The same thing happened this morning, and I didn’t ignore it. I left a polite but clear comment. I modelled to my children how not to be a bystander.

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    1. NIce! I love your example! And, you bring up a great point that I left out! Leaders are role models! We need, and our children need, people in their lives to show them, as you did, not to be a follower. To take a stand and take action. And that it can be done politely, too! Good for you! Thanks for your comments!

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  3. Great topic and you point out so many important aspects. I also like that you ended with questions, leaving the reader with some final reflections. Moving from the classroom to a coaching position has been an interesting journey towards leadership and what it means for me. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I wish that there was a “Love” button in addition to the “Like” button!

    I think that for me, it has taken some time for me to embrace leadership. I needed to develop confidence in myself and my abilities. I also needed encouragement from others (my principal, the other teachers at my school) before I thought about or even viewed myself as a leader. There are still times, though, that when someone refers to me as a leader that I shake my head in disbelief that someone would think that of me.

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    1. Thank you so much! I have struggled with the concept myself. Wayyyy back in undergrad (>30yrs ago) I was part of an an campus tutoring team. Our advisor, at the end of the first year, said -You are quietly assertive. You sit and listen and wait to give your opinion/view until you’ve taken it all it. Her comment has stuck with me. And, although I’ve never had a desk, title, or even a paycheck for my work with students – I felt I was able to lead. I also think it is normal to not feel one is or has to be a leader all the time. Thanks, again!


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