Dragging from Insomnia: Part II

If you read my middle of the night post, you know I was visited by my unwanted friend named Insomnia. Fortunately, I am able to arrange my work schedule to fit my needs and was able to leave at 11:30 a.m. today. I napped from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.. So, although I feel tired, I have been able to get through the afternoon.

But, I am left grappling the following questions:

  1. What happens when poor decisions are rewarded?
  2. What happens when hard work is overlooked and not rewarded?
  3. What causes students to burn out?

To add context to these musings, you can read these previous posts from me.

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Self Care is being discussed almost everywhere you look right now. So, since I recognized I was ruminating about certain topics that have a history of causing me stress, I immediately took steps to provide self-care by addressing the following areas.

Social Media:  The first action I took was to suspend my Facebook account for the next 2-3 weeks.  This simple act has provided me with relief in the past, so I am hoping for the same now.

Writing. I wrote about what was bothering me. Although, I am purposely ambiguous in my posts, they do provide me with some catharsis. In turn, those who read my blog and know me well send supportive comments that also serve to ease my mental stressors. This also something that helps me – to know that I am not alone or to be offered an alternative perspective.

Sleep. When I left work today, I knew I would need to sleep this afternoon. I went home, had lunch and by 1 p.m. was in bed, again, this time having no problem with relaxing and falling asleep within a half hour. At 3 p.m., I awoke, and  arose, heading to the grocery store for some weekly shopping.

Exercise. By the time I finished cleaning up from dinner, I knew I wanted to take a walk. I walked 2.6 miles in 20 minutes – a walk, on a route that my friend and I walk on Wednesdays, which usually takes an hour. I walked at a fairly quick pace. It felt good.

I will have to think about the questions I posed to all of you, earlier in this post, as to what exactly my thoughts are on these subjects. I will tell you that my extreme sense of justice is affected by what I hear and see. What I see happening does not necessarily affect me or my family directly, but I do think it affects society – and it is that what concerns me most of all.

It just wasn’t a great Monday. The good thing is that there is another one on the horizon, only seven days away!

This post is part of Slice of Life: Tuesday hosted by TwoWritingTeachers.org. Please check out this wonderful forum for some great insights on writing, education, and teaching.










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