A New Day

Today, I had a small epiphany!

As I sat in the parking lot at a coffee shop during a short break, I thought, “A productive day is not always about getting things done, sometimes it is about how you feel!”

I had a busy day. It really could have gone either way. It could have been so busy that frustration was born. It could have been fraught with irritations. It was not. When voices became loud, I shut my office door; my co-worker was on the phone. When our office manager needed help, I assisted (as did most everyone else).  I have learned these are the same considerations given to me. When I need help, I get it. When I need to concentrate or take a phone call, I am allowed (and encouraged) to shut my door.

Although I did not get a lot done, I felt good.

Usually, when I do not get a lot done, this really bothers me.  I am a focused, purposeful, and goal-driven individual. Most days, I work from lists I create for myself that help me to organize, prioritize, and plan how to accomplish the tasks set before me. This is the case whether they are self-imposed tasks or externally placed duties.  Often, I feel frustrated if I cannot check off most of my list.

Today, I did not pay much attention to my list. I had one large goal which was accomplished early this morning. After that, many other small goals arose, resulting from a staff meeting or left over lists from earlier this week. Some goals, actually many  -got accomplished, and some, did not.  And, that is okay.

I realized I have a job in which the work is never really done. Projects might be completed, events held, grants written, reports submitted, but there are always more waiting for attention. Work to replace the work that has been finished. And, that is okay, too.

It was a good day, a new day, and one that makes me look forward to tomorrow.




4 thoughts

  1. >“A productive day is not always about getting things done, sometimes it is about how you feel!”<

    I have to find the person that wrote a blog very similar to yours! It was scarily similar, which is cool! 🙂

    Back on topic, I agree, some of my most productive days have been the days where I can look back and feel good about what I've accomplished. Those days are few and far between right now, but it is satisfying when they happen

    Thank you for sharing your satisfaction with us! :).

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