Insomnia: A Return Visit

Last night my old friend insomnia visited me for the first time in weeks. Not particularly worried about anything, my mind swirled around various topics – on most of which I have not an ounce of control. This happens periodically to me. I waken, lay waiting in bed for sleep to return, and when it doesn’t, my mind travels.

The topics that were visited last night were:

  • checking to see if a label was made by my youngest for a piece of artwork he is shipping to Canada later this week
  • transferring money to our PayPal account
  • ordering a new soccer uniform for the upcoming season
  • the causes of diverticulitis – which I do not have, so why look it up?
  • working on my final assignment to finish my graduate course
  • work on continuing to analyze data for my research study
  • wondering why my hip hurts
  • all the errands I have to do on Monday (today)
  • wondering how long it will take for all the snow (yes, snow!) to melt
  • wondering why I committed to talking to a local community service group tonight
  • knowing I still need to organize and condense my thoughts for a 20 presentation from what should be a presentation 2-3x that length
  • all the jewelry I have left to label to take to the art gallery later this week
  • worry about upcoming life transitions and how they will get handled
  • and more…..there’s always, more! (I know they are all first world problem and therefore, not worth the loss of my sleep.)

I was able to return to bed at 4:14 a.m. after having a warm cup of decaffeinated tea at 3:38 a.m.. I had been awake for an hour before the tea. Of course when the alarm rings at 6 a.m. after a night like this, I am tired. I miss my oldest son who is currently at school, in another state. My middle son has a mild case of senioritis, but is doing fine.  And, my youngest – well, he can still be hormonally snarky at times. Despite well intended support from me regarding his schedule of hobbies and homework, he balked at my instructions during dinner to think about where he can get a job this summer and what colleges he’d like to visit.  I’ll check back with him in a week.  I’m working on handling it all.  But, last night all of the above, and more, kept me awake.

I really do not know why insomnia visited last night.

Maybe, I just need it to be spring and the sun to shine!

Yet, it’s still snowing!

Come on, April – act like yourself!

5 thoughts

  1. Sorry to hear about the insomnia. I was up the other night around 3am – 2am your time. Daughter called to leave me a voicemail (she gets off work at 2am from the restaurant) since I should have been sleeping, but I called her back and we chatted some. Surprisingly, I went back to sleep after that.
    So weird all the places our minds take us in the middle of the night!

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    1. Thanks, Peg! Nice that you can chat with her when you are both awake! I was not surprised to be awake…I am starting to notice signs that I’ll have trouble when I go to bed. Hopefully, tonight is better.


  2. I quite often wake up early. If it is 5am or later, and not a work day, I quite enjoy it. I use the time to write, and quite like the peacefulness at that time. But earlier is not great. A few years ago when I was not in a good place I would worry so much in the middle of the night. When I thought about the same issues during normal waking hours, the problems were a fraction of the size, and could be managed. My aunt gave me a technique of doing something really dull to bore myself to sleep. I practise my times tables, forwards, then backwards, and if I’m still awake after that, factors of all the numbers to a hundred!! It works!

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    1. Thanks for your comments and for being a regular visitor! I enjoy what you write as your responses. I have learned the same about size of problems…the night makes them bigger. During the day, they are more manageable! I have also learned a “trick” to use if I don’t have a good book to read – I play “words with friends” on my phone as a solo player and it engages my mind enough that the worries are put aside! (I love words more than math facts, so it words for me! ) Thanks, again!


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