More Visits from My Friend, Insomnia.

For weeks, while I was extremely busy and more than a little stressed, Insomnia stayed away from me. I was happy to have a break from this unwanted visitor who thinks she’s my friend.  I was both thankful and amazed that while I had a lot to do and a lot on my mind, she didn’t visit. The peaceful sleep I experienced allowed me to go about my daily tasks and the extra obligations I had piled on myself with ease. I am not sure what made the difference for me. I had an unusual amount of extraordinary events that might have spurred a visit from Insomnia, but she stayed away.

Yet, now the events are winding down. Graduation is over, family visitors have returned home, my son’s trip to Italy is complete, the run I made for the interim seat on the Board of Education was unsuccessful, my graduate courses are on hiatus, and the my paid garden duties are nearly finished. I should be sleeping well.

But, three times in the last six nights my friend Insomnia visited. The first night she visited recently was when my youngest son and I were in a hotel in St. Paul Minnesota last Friday night. We were there for a soccer tournament. It had been an unbearably hot day. At midnight, we went to bed. Despite the room being more than comfortable, I had trouble. The AC sounded like a wind storm. If I turned it off, the room became too hot. With it on, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, finally going off to sleep near morning. My visitor, Insomnia, had done her job and left – probably to get some sleep, herself. The only explanation I have for her visit is that she likes to see me in hotel rooms. It is a recurring time for her to keep me from my slumber. From this, I am sure she receives a secret thrill.

Several nights went by. We returned from the trip to “the cities” as mid-westerners call St. Paul and Minneapolis.  Our trip was uneventful. The soccer was unfulfilling for the team with a single win and two losses, but it is just a game, after all. No injuries. No traffic accidents or problems with directions. Fait accompli.

Tuesday night, we expected our middle son home from his trip abroad to Italy. This was a gift from his Aunt who accompanied him to Europe for the first time.  Due to their impending arrival, I ended up cleaning up his room and thoroughly cleaning his bathroom (which his Aunt also uses during her stays with us) at 9:30 p.m. that night. This is not an ideal time to be cleaning, nor having a glass of wine, which I was doing during the cleaning – despite the fact that it made the task more enjoyable.  They arrived sometime before 11:00 p.m.. Exhausted from being awake for 24-26 hours due to traveling West, they both quickly retired after we said our hello’s.  We also turned in.

But, Insomnia would not leave me alone. Again, the night my son and sister-in-law had arrived home safely from their trip abroad, she visited me. This time she allowed me to fall asleep but wake up after the house was dark and silent, with everyone tucked safely in their own beds. Why would she visit now? This was the question I contemplated as I lay on our brown sectional sofa with the orange Polartec throw strewn loosely over my pajamas, having a cup of decaffeinated tea at 3 a.m.. Why now? She did not provide an answer for me, just kept me up until the dawn could be seen sneaking its was up over the horizon.

Last night, Thursday night, Insomnia decided she needed to bother me again. I had a productive day yesterday, felt accomplished, and content. Jewelry got made, my blog was posted, and some housework got done. It had rained all day, so I had been unable to get into the garden. But, all in all, I had what I would definitely call a “good” day. Yet, just as I was drifting off, my husband kissed me, and turned off the light. BAM! My eyes popped open and there she was staring down at me! Insomnia! Oh, Insomnia! Why do you visit me now? I just drifting off to sleep, I silently cried! Go Away! I tightly shut my eyes against this unwanted intruder.  I tried to ignore her. I laid there hoping the impending sleepiness and subsequent slumber would return. She persisted. Eventually, Insomnia pulled me out of bed for the dark walk I know so well to the kitchen. Sometimes, if I offer her a snack or ask her to join me in a cup of tea, she’ll leave me alone. This was not the case last night. Finally, again as dawn was approaching, I felt myself awaken to notice the pink hue in the sky to the East. She must have left sometime near four when I still trying to shut her out. Perhaps, I bored her with my refusal to get on the train of worry that she so often provided.  In any case, I returned to sleep after 5 a.m. and feel myself finally be able to rest, knowing my visitor had left.

Insomnia is a friend I really do not want to have. She is sneaky and wheedles her way into my home and stays much too long. I really have to figure out how to keep her away. Some of my waking hours will be spent on this today.



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    1. I found that words with friends or some other task that is some what boring (sometimes reading if I am in the middle of a book) does work. I’ve also been know to write a blog post or even a paper in my head in the middle of the night! Thanks!


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