I Finally Found my OLW in July: Reset

We just returned home from five days at our cabin.  Built about 13 years ago, it is a few hours from our primary home.  It is a timber frame and over the years my husband has finished the inside by himself.  When he was really working on the essentials like plumbing and wiring, and drywalling, I remember him getting up at 5 a.m. to drive there and put in a day’s work, before turning around and driving back home.  He was certainly dedicated and the cabin shows his dedication, as well as his degree of exceptional talent.  The cabin has always been our place for respite, to unwind, unplug, and reconnect with each other.

Sundown at the Cabin. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2018

But, times change. Children grow older, and this trek to the cabin included just three of us instead of five. Our youngest was the only one available to go, so we made due with just taking him. After the realization/reminder that we had no internet service or phone signal and we were going to be there four nights, he settled in and made good use of his time. He fished. He painted. He cut the grass. We watched silly movies and he even surprised us by enjoying the old Peter Seller’s Pink Panther movies and the new Murder on the Orient Express movie. Until this morning, when we had words over how the iPad charging in preparation for our trip home, it was really a great trip.  (Yes, this was a very silly thing to have words over. I do believe neither one of us were fully awake when this nasty exchange took place!)

Fishin’ off the dock at the cabin. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2018

For me, since I seem to have been having somewhat of an existential crisis lately, and despite having only three of us on this particular trip, I found that being at the cabin “reset” my mental attitude.  Just prior to leaving on our trip North bound Saturday morning, I told my husband that if I could change just one thing, it would be how negative everyone seems to be these days……meaning all of us. He agreed. At the cabin, without the pressures of work, social media, volunteering, daily chores, errands, etc,  I felt like my mind had experienced a much needed “reset.”  I believe this came to me sometime between the first kayak outing on the lake and the second.

Our Kayaks. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2018

The biggest epiphany of all was realizing that all these years when my husband said he would be happy to just move up to the lake and I heartily disagreed with him stating I would miss this or that; I found that now I had a change of heart this trip. Our property there is lovely. It needs a little work. The house needs a little loving care that it doesn’t get from a family living in it day to day. But, you can’t beat the call of the loons, the sun setting on the water, the joy of catch and release fishing, and the night breeze blowing by your window blinds to refresh your skin in the early morning hours and the sense of peace that always awaits us there.

Sunset on a lake in the North Woods of Wisconsin. © Carol Labuzzetta, 2018

So, finally on July 2nd, I chose my one little word ( OLW) for this year. It is RESET.  Although it is late, I’ll take it. It is a fitting word for me this year and will use it as a reminder as I go about the days ahead.


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