Blueberries & Butterflies

Today, I made the rounds on our fruit trees. The cherry trees in our front yard were picked clean by birds while we were away at our cabin for a few days. The 8 cups I picked last Thursday and just finished processing today are all we will have from this year’s cherry harvest! Sorry friends! I know more than one family that will be disappointed at this news.

Our blueberry bushes were faring better.  Last week, I had covered two with a black mesh that keeps the birds away. It was such a hassle that I gave up and left a few more bushes unprotected. So, upon heading back to that area of our yard today, I got an unexpected surprise when I saw that most of the berries were untouched…..even on the unprotected bushes. They were also nicely ripening.  I picked about two cups of  berries before I tasted one….seriously! They were firm and a little tart. So, I stopped picking figuring they need a day or two more to ripen. Still, we had fresh blueberries in our breakfast for dinner supper tonight!  I’m hoping to be able to harvest enough blueberries to make Plum Blueberry Jam this year. It was delicious two or three years ago, when I made it last.

Fresh Blueberries! 

While we were gone, my son let three monarchs go that had “hatched” while we were away. And, I let three more go today. Today’s group was two boys and a girl. I named them Abe, Abigail, and Bruce. They took off to find some nectar late this afternoon. This brings our total of successfully raised and released monarchs to 12 this year already.  Right now, we have 9 chrysalises and three caterpillars that just emerged from their eggs Saturday morning before we took off. They are eating heartily and growing. Since we’ll be home now for a little while, I will go on the hunt for more caterpillars tonight.

Yes, blueberries and butterflies are two of my favorite things!

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