Everybody’s Home

There is not quite any feeling like there is when Everybody’s Home.

Three Boys, Two Girls and a Boy. Three Girls. Four Boys and a Girl. One Boy. A Girl.

It doesn’t matter who, as long as they are yours.

Children home for the weekend, for the week, for a month-long semester break.

You’ll take them for as much or as little time they have or are willing to give.

They are yours. Everybody’s Home.


If you are a mom, you know what I mean.

The house is alive with laughter and even some hard to release sibling rivalry.

You wonder if that will ever change! Secretly, you hope not.

Jabs, Pokes, Wrestling, but also Hugs, Smiles, and Laughter.

They are yours. Everybody’s Home.


When your children start to age

and leave that cocoon of a space you created called home,

their lives are not the only ones that change.

Your life changes too. For all of you

there will be days that will be happy,

days that will be sad,

days that will be frustrating,

days that will be lonely, and

days when you wish you could be together.

But, when they come home, the longing, the worry,

and the loneliness, are all washed away.

You are a mom again. Their mom.  Always.

They are yours. The Greatest Gift.

Everybody’s Home.


A friend of mine and I both have all our children home this weekend. We texted about this last night. This poem is dedicated to her and all the mom’s who are blessed with a brief period of having Everybody Home.

7 thoughts

  1. This brought a tear to my eye. My eldest is nearly 14 so I’m not there yet, but my partner pointed out it’s only 4 years until she will be off to Uni, and they are all close in age.

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    1. Thanks, Ali. It’s not the greatest piece of writing but one that is straight from my heart. I have a son in grad school (just finished his first year), one off to college in five weeks, and one in high school still. Time flies by way too fast! As you already know, each moment needs to be enjoyed and savored….they grow up quickly! I need to remind myself of that on a regular basis!


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