Culture Shock

So, yesterday I left my house at 4:30 a.m. and it was 43 degrees. I was proud of myself for wearing Capri jeans and sandals, despite the cool air.  I flew to Palm Springs, California and a mere 12 hours later, was exposed to 104 degree heat! Wow! Quite a difference!

My sister is here to attend a nurse practitioner conference with her doctoral students and I was invited to tag along. Flying in, as we got closer to Southern California, I was shocked by the arid-ness of the terrain! It looked otherworldly. I knew it would appear this way, but still, I was shocked! It’s so brown. Immediately, I missed the lush green of Wisconsin! We’ve been so wet this summer that our grass has not even burned out!


I’ve always wanted to visit this area of the country. In 2012, we did stay in San Diego for a week, but it was during December over the holidays. Temperatures at that time were a pleasant 60 degrees. As I write this now, sitting in the hotel courtyards, it is 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, I am in the shade!

The brown arid-ness is really something to get used to. Of course, the resort is not like that at all – it backs up to an immaculately cared for professional golf course. I am cringing at the amount of water used to maintain that verdant carpet in this type of heat. Don’t forget, I’m a conservationist at heart, and I am very conscious of the water accessibility problems we will experience in the not too distant future if something is not done. Yet, I think that issue is far away from anyone’s mind but mine today!


Still, I am here to relax and enjoy. So, I will put my earthly worries aside and take in the new views, snapping photos as quickly as the water flows from the multitude of fountains on the hotel property.


Tomorrow is a trip to the desert and a National Park I’ve longed to see for many years. I’ve taken measures to stay cool, protect my skin, and enjoy flora and fauna that will be brand new to me! Stay tuned!



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