Road Tripping

We’ve been doing a lot of road tripping lately, my husband and I. It takes me back to the early days of our marriage, before we had the boys.  We call this B.C.  – Before Charlie, our first born.  In those early days, we often travelled on weekends to flea markets,  museums, antique stores, junk stores, and more. We enjoyed the trip itself, not because we were after anything in particular. Occasionally, we’d spy something to add to someone’s collection, like an unusual license plate, a rare piece of depression glass, or another elephant figurine. I especially liked to pick up a piece of local artwork from where our travels took us.

In early October, we visited Fargo, North Dakota to see our Freshman college student. It was fun and great to see him. It’s an easy drive and we did not do much to make it more interesting until we got there. A 50’s style diner was a great place to have all day breakfast, and I look forward to going back to find more places to visit.


It’s been quite a while since we took road trips, just the two of us. But, I can see we are starting to return to this activity as a soon to be retired couple.  Last week, I told you of our trip to Amery Wisconsin, where we travelled up The Great River Road to reclaim my jewelry from an art gallery in which I was a featured artist this past summer. Along the road we saw hay bales, waterfalls, and the power company hanging new high voltage lines with a helicopter!

IMG_1358 (1)

Yesterday, we travelled the other direction to Milwaukee to watch our son and his soccer team play in the state tournament! Having never been to MIlwaukee, it was a fun trip, fuelled by the excitement of our purpose, but now I know I’d like to go back. I am sure there is a lot to see in the city proper (we were on the outskirts).  Having arrived at 4:30 for a 7pm game, we sought out a place to eat. We ended up at Dr. Dawg’s which was kind of sketchy from the outside, but after our hunger and bravery forced us inside, we were pleasantly surprised. Offering Chicago style hot dogs, they were some of the best we ever had! Along with the hand-cut fries and hard cider, my diet was blown, but we were enjoying ourselves!  We’ve been hard pressed to find a good hot dog since we moved to the midwest. When we lived in Buffalo, New York, we had some great local dogs…..ones we liked so much, we’ve been know to beg visiting family members to bring us some.

Next week, I’ll travel to Iowa to visit my oldest son where he goes to grad school. We’ve gotten in the habit of seeing a concert or show together each semester. It’s become a road trip I look forward to, buzzing along in my little sedan, singing to CD’s I bring along to keep me company.  We both love music and enjoy theater, so we’ll be seeing the Band Extravaganza, where the University’s marching band plays their field show music in full uniform inside the auditorium. It is ruckus, rowdy, and loud, but uplifting and exciting at the same time. We always find an interesting place to eat and make time to visit my favorite coffee shop to relax and have some fine dutch chocolate and licorice!

Soon, after that we have two to three more “road trips” planned, just before the holiday season starts. Looking at the calendar, I cannot believe that it is already November 2nd, but, as the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun!”



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