The Weird Things you see on a Road Trip

Road Tripping

We just got back from a weekend road trip consisting of 800 miles round-trip. There were fields and fields of soybean and corn, farmers busily harvesting their crops, heavy traffic, and also long lonely stretches of roads. But, along the way we saw some unusual sights. Check them out!

From afar there was a pinkish-purple glow in the sky. Who’d have thought it would be the water tower for St. Cloud, Minnesota!  Very cool looking at night!


And very ordinary during the day! Oh, and it is NOT the leaning tower of St. Cloud! It’s just my poor, en route photography!


We did not realize what this was until it whizzed past us at 75 mph. It was the passenger compartment of a helicopter on the flatbed of a tractor trailer! It was one of those, “you’ll never see that again in your life, even if you try” types of moments!


Next, we have a restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota that we want to try. Space Aliens Bar and Grill! Do you see the little hatch door that you enter through? We have not had the pleasure of going there yet (our boys are “too cool” for it). My husband and I decided that we’ll just have to go ourselves sometime when we’re in town! It was packed last night at dinner time. This photograph is from 8:30 this morning.

IMG_1112 (1).jpg

This one still takes the cake and is not really from a road trip, but we were on the interstate when a large cow passed us on a flatbed trailer. Very usual, and very silly!


People in Wisconsin and those visiting Door County will be familiar with the goats grazing on the rooftop of this family restaurant in one of the quaint towns that line the edge of the Door County Peninsula. They are live goats and they do eat the grass growing on the roof of the restaurant! I’d better stop ….I feel some alliteration coming on!


What weird things have you seen while taking a road trip? Come on….You can share, too!

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  1. I was travelling with a friend in Morocco twenty years ago, and we were on the back of a truck, both recovering from illness. We saw a goat up a tree. We looked at each other, both wondering if we were fuzzy from medication. I know now that goats are good climbers, but I didn’t know that then.

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