Technology Tantrums

The last week has been fraught with problems with technology in our home. Does this mean I am old? I hope not.

Slightly over one week ago….

Here’s what happened. Slightly over a week ago, while working on my final exam at our kitchen table, the internet went out around dinnertime. This was very irritating as I was in the last stages of completing my comprehensive essay questions for the graduate degree I received this Saturday.

After waiting several hours, and a after-work reboot by my resident teenager to no avail, I called our internet service provider. The tech had me recycle the system components and we were able to get back online. However, due to some noted interference with our modem, a service call was suggested. The service tech came on Sunday.  He found nothing wrong with the exception of an “ancient” router that he suggested be replaced.

Digitized Healthcare

On Monday, we tried opening new digital chart accounts for our new health insurance. The system took my husband’s information without a problem. My chart was made fairly easily, but I was not allowed to pick a provider. My 19-year-old had to have a paper copy filed, and my 17 y.o. was not allowed a digital chart due to his age.  After some frustrating attempts to add the provider I had picked, we gave up, thinking it might take a few days to “register” that I had “registered.”

Traveling with GPS Mapping on Phones

Fortunately, our trip to North Dakota last Wednesday was aided by the GPS on our phone without incident. But, being untrustworthy of the technology and particularly of our service while traveling across state lines, I had printed paper copies.

By Thursday, we were home again, and our college aged son went out to purchase the new router that had been suggested by the internet service provider. He installed it without difficulty.

But, Friday night I tried to print campus maps for our trip to the university for the commencement ceremonies and the printer did not comply. We went on Saturday morning at 6:15 a.m. without  a map to aid us in finding parking. It worked out fine, as my son’s phone was able to pull up the map online.

Congratulations but your landline is out…..

Saturday night I got a text from my sister that my parents were attempting to contact me via my cell phone to congratulate me on my graduation. They live over 900 miles away and had watched it online. I was very puzzled as to why they were calling my cell phone and not the home phone (a landline), which they always used. When I attempted to call them back, I found that we did not have any service on our land line. Apparently, the new router had something to do with this! (It was the router that had been suggested by the internet service provider, who also supplies our phone and television service.) I called them on my cell, after retrieving it from the charger and turning my ringer back on (why I had not heard their prior attempts).

Sunday, my husband and son got the landline working by adding a coaxial cable and modem to one of the bedrooms.  Apparently, the NEW combined modem/router was not going to work with “our system.”  Go Figure.

Sewing Machine MIA

This morning I followed up on a missing sewing machine that was my Christmas present from my husband. I had chosen the one I wanted and ordered it on 11/23. I do not have it yet. Last week, I went on the shipper’s website to track it and there it said it was en route to the distribution center in our area. But, that entry had been made on 11/29.  Unfortunately, at the time I checked, the package had only been in transit seven of the ten days they estimated it would take to reach us. Today, it had been 12 business days that had passed, and I still do not have the sewing machine I ordered.

The shipper’s website would not give my an option to talk to a person, so I had a hard time finding any more about the whereabouts of my package. Finally, after multiple attempts, I was able to get a customer service representative on the line. She confirmed what I already knew – my package was lost. I would need to file a claim. She sent the claim file papers to me via email and then said she’d transfer me to a claim representative to get the claim started. This is where things went afoul again!  I was sent right back to the main menu that just told me where my package had last been scanned!

Can you understand my irritation?

File the Claim!

I gave up. I have the claim forms. I will file a claim for the missing sewing machine and send it back via email.

Tracking packages for Family

In  between all this last Thursday, I get a call (again on my cell) from my parents when I was just leaving the school where I lead a garden club for the students. It was dinnertime. Seeing their number on my cell scared me. As I mentioned before, they never call my cell phone. So, I put my “stuff” done right in the middle of the empty parking lot of the school, and called my parents back.

Luckily, it was not a health emergency or really, any kind of emergency at all. They were wondering about a package they had sent that we had not received yet.  Apparently, their tracking on the four packages they had sent said they were all delivered. We got three packages, not four.  So, I told them I would check when I got home. I did. There was no package from them.

I asked for tracking numbers. I entered them on the postal service website. Luckily, it did register that one package was still in Iowa and still had a pending delivery date. I let them know.

It is all OK!

Their package arrived on Saturday. My sewing machine is still MIA. Our digital health charts are only half-finished. I still want to have the provider I picked, so we will have to revisit that. Both our phone and internet service are working.  We made it to graduation, and arrived on time, without the use of a map.  It is ALL okay!

But, technology is frustrating! Today, when I was trying to report my sewing machine as lost, all I wanted was to talk to a person. It was not an option! This, I cannot understand! People made the technology to serve people. I think we still need an option be able to relate person to person. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, I am looking forward to some days without technology issues fueling my already holiday, graduation, shopping, traveling, and baking frayed nerves!




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